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Dear Aspirants,

We at Bankersdaily have been providing many test series for Banking, SSC, TNPSC and RRB NTPC Exams powered by Race Coaching Institute Pvt. Ltd.

If you are reading this, you have purchased the test series from Bankersdaily for the TNPSC Group 4 Exam 2019.

We have explained all the possible questions which a user / an aspirant will get while attempting the test series.

If you still have any doubts regarding the TNSPC Group 4 2019 – ONLINE Test Batch Series , do not hesitate to comment the questions in the comments section. 

Q. IN what language the tests will be?

A. The tests will be available both in ENGLISH & TAMIL.

Q. In what medium the Questions will be / Materials which are provided by Bankersdaily will be in which Language?

A. Most of the Materials which are provided by Bankersdaily & Race Institute will be available in English and in Tamil.

This course is ideal for the aspirants who are attending the exams in English and Tamil (Please note that aspirants who have applied for TNPSC Group 4 2019 Prelims Exam in Tamil will get the questions in Tamil & English in this test series and aspirants can choose the choice of theirs accordingly.

Q. What happens if I miss to attend a test in the schedule?

A. All the tests will be available to the aspirants in their Login (in Bankersdaily) and even if the aspirants miss a test it will be available to the aspirants and they can write the tests anytime.

(P.S. Please note that the tests will be available according to the schedule mentioned in bankersdaily.

Click here to view the schedule :

Also the tests will be available @ 6:00 P.M daily at the predefined date)

Q. Will there be any PDF provided for the tests mentioned in the Schedule?

A. NO. We will not be providing PDF for all the tests which are available in TNPSC Group IV 2019 Online Test Series Batch.

Q. Will I get Hard Copy of the Question Papers of TNPSC Group 4 Online test Series?

A. NO. Hard Copy of the Questions will not available as part of this package. It is available only for the Offline Course (Crash Course). Aspirants can check the Course Details of Offline RRB NTPC New Batches from official Website of Race Institute.

Q. When will the Tests be available and at what time?

A. The Tests will be available at Particular dates and will be available thereafter. Tests will be made LIVE @ 6:00 P.M Everyday according to the schedule.

Download the schedule of the TNPSC Group 4 Online Test Series here:

Q. Can I download the PDF of the Tests which I have bought?

A. NO. They can’t be downloaded as PDF.

Alternately, the aspirant can check the answer and the Explanation for the TNPSC Group 4 Online Test Series 2019 anytime till September 1, 2019.

Q. What is the Validity of the TNPSC Group 4 Online Test Course Series?

A. The purchased Course Package can be accessed till 1st September 2019.

Q. What are the other facilities that are available as part of this TNPSC Group 4 Online Test Series Package?

A. Aspirants who buy the Test Package for the TNPSC Group 4 Tests are entitled to use LAB and LIBRARY of Race Branches (which are near to them).

Aspirants are advised to mail us about the usage of Labs and Library in prior to Race Management and Bankers daily , so that we can allocate the places accordingly for the student.

Kindly mail us @ before 3-4 days of your requested date.

Q. Do you provide any printed study material?

A. No study material is available as part of this Test package. Only 123 Online Tests are available a part of this package.

We have added 1 more English Tests as addon to this Course (So there are 124 Tests).

Q. Can I access the Tests of TNPSC Online Test series 2019 using my Mobile Phone?

A. We do have a separate Mobile App for Bankersdaily and even aspirants can access the tests of the course in Browsers.

Aspirants should have a steady internet connection to write the tests.

Aspirants can download the Bankersdaily Android App here:

Q. I’m not getting the tests in my Bankersdaily Login?

A. Please note that you will get the tests in and the Purchased course will be available in “LEARN” section.

Please use the same login (Gmail / Facebook) which you have used to purchase the course in Bankersdaily Store.

Q. How will I get my doubts answered?

A. You will be able to use the Discussion Forum in which all the doubts of yours will be cleared instantly.

Aspirants can also mail us their doubts to

Q. Will I be able to get all the Tests mentioned in the schedule in a single day?

A. NO. Our Expert has planned the course in such a way that if it is prepared in this manner, so as to provide the best results. The tests will be available @ 6:00 P.M daily.

Q. Can I enroll for the course; it has already started?

The Tests starts from 7th July July 2019 and the tests will be available for the entire Purchase period of the packages till September 1, 2019.

Q. When the tests are scheduled to start?

A. The Tests are scheduled to start @ 7th July, 2019

Q. Can I get a Refund for the TNPSC Group 4 Online Test Series?

A. NO.

Q. What happens when my packages expire?

A. When your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to access to the purchased Course Classes and Online Test Series and Doubt Clarification Session.


If you still have any doubts kindly consider to mail us @

We have also made a separate video for how to purchase or buy the TNPSC Online Test Series Batch from bankersdaily with a thorough explanation.

Kindly find the video which is provided below.

BUY the TEST Series here

Please note that after purchasing the TNPSC CCSE – Group 4 2019 Online Mock Test Batch Series , the bought test package will be available at the “LEARN” section in Bankersdaily App and Bankersdaily Website.

All the Best for your TNPSC Group IV Examination on 1st September, 2019.

Aspirants can check the Syllabus for the TNPSC CCSE Group IV Exam which has been used for the previous exams from the below given links.

Syllabus – TNPSC CCSE Group IV 

Free PDF’s – TNPSC Group IV (Based on Previous Exam)

Aspirants can download the official Notification of the TNPSC CCSE group 4 Exam 2019 from the official TNPSC Website or from the link that is provided below.

Download – TNPSC CCSE Group 4 Exam 2019 (English)

Download – TNPSC CCSE Group 4 Exam 2019 (Tamil)


If you have any doubts regarding the 4 new Topic Wise Test Packages, kindly mail your queries to