Crack IBPS PO : Spotting Errors Day 5

Direction: (Q. Nos 1-20): The sentence given below, have three parts, indicated by (a), (b) and (c). read each sentence to find out whether there is an error. If you find an error in any part [(a), (b) or (c)] of a sentence, indicate your response by blackening the letter related to that part in the answer sheet provided. If a sentence has no error, indicate by blacking the part (d), which stands for ‘No error’. (Ignore the error of punctuation, if any)

  1. Each of these players (a) / have been warned (b) / not to repeat the silly mistake (c) / No error (d)
  2. Lime and soda (a) / is (b) / a digestive drink (c) / No error (d)
  3. The mother as well as her children (a) / were brought (b) / to the police station for interrogation (c) / No error (d)
  4. His benevolence and kindness (a) / are (b) / admired by his friends (c) / No error (d)
  5. She never has and never will (a) / allow her only son (b) / to join politics (c) / No error (d)
  6. Intelligence, as well as knowledge of the subject (a) / are required o grasp (b) / the meaning of the book (c) / No error (d)
  7. Twenty officers have been dismissed and thirty left (a) / on their own (b) / No error (c)
  8. Every word and every line (a) / in the poems of Wordsworth (b) / sings the blessings of nature (c) / No error (d)
  9. So honestly he worked (a) / that he was rewarded (b) / by the chairman of the company (c) / No error (d)
  10. Four miles (a) are not a long distance (b) / for a young person like you (c) / No error (d)
  11. No sooner he was brought (a) / here than he began (b) / to feel uneasy (c) / No error (d)
  12. He, like the other member (a) / of his family, were left shelterless (b) / as a result of flood in the town (c) / No error (d)
  13. In old age none of the relatives (a) / are prepared to come (b) / to the help of the old and the sick (c) / No error (d)
  14. I don’t think (a) / five thousand rupees are a large sum (b) / for the work you are going to undertake (c) / No error (d)
  15. It were the students (a) / who wanted the teacher (b) / to declare holiday (c) / No error (d)
  16. So fast did he drive motor car (a) / that even the best driver (b) / could not overtake him (c) / No error (d)
  17. Everyone of the new Nursing Homes (a) / coming up in the urban areas (b) / need a lot of improvement (c) / No error (d)
  18. Never I have come across (a) / a man (b) / who is foolish to such an extent (c) / No error (d)
  19. He will be likely (a) / to take part in the ceremony (b) / provided he is granted leave (c) / No error (d)
  20. Two thirds of the majority (a) / are needed to pass (b) / the resolution for the impeachment of the President (c) / No error (d)

Answer Key with Explanation

  1. (b) Replace ‘have’ by ‘has’
  2. (d) No error
  3. (b) Replace ‘were’ by ‘was’
  4. (b) Replace ‘are’ by ‘is’
  5. (a) Add ’allowed’ after ‘has’
  6. (b) Replace ‘are’ by ‘is’
  7. (d) Add ‘have’ after ‘thirty’
  8. (d) No error
  9. (a) Replace ‘he worked’ by ‘did he work’
  10. (b) Replace ‘are’ by ‘is’
  11. (a) Replace ‘he was brought’ by ‘was he brought’
  12. (b) Replace ‘were’ by ‘was’
  13. (b) Replace ‘are’ by ‘is’
  14. (b) Replace ‘are’ by ‘is’
  15. (a) Replace ‘were’ by ‘was’
  16. (d) No error
  17. (c) Replace ‘need’ by ‘needs’
  18. (a) Replace ‘I have’ by ‘have I’
  19. (a) Replace ‘will be’ by ‘is’
  20. (b) Replace ‘are’ by ‘is’

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