1) Which state government has announced five lakh rupeeshealth-cum-life insurance scheme for farmers?

a) West Bengal

b) Odisha

c) Telangana

d) Assam

e) Haryana

2) The 15th edition of BioAsia, the annual flagship event of the Government of Telangana, was held in ____

a) Hyderabad

b) Mumbai

c) Kolkata

d) Jaipur

e) Bangalore

3) What is the theme for the15th edition of BioAsia 2018?

a) The Challenge of Change

b) The Power of Performances

c) Right Time, Right Now

d) Shaping the Future

e) Share the Vision

4) The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)set to get _____per cent of govt loans for higher education institutes.

a) 30

b) 25

c) 10

d) 20

e) 35

5) Which of the following country was elected as the vice-president of the global money laundering watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)?

a) India

b) China

c) Pakistan

d) Australia

e) Russia

6) In Which Country did the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)was established during the G7 Summit to combat the growing problem of money laundering?

a) Paris,France

b) Dhaka, Bangladesh

c) Nepal, Kathmandu

d) male, Maldives

e) Colombo, Sri Lanka

7) The 2nd India-Korea Business Summit was held in_____

a) Mumbai

b) New Delhi

c) Hyderabad

d) Jaipur

e) Kolkata

8)Which of the following Organisation has introduced UAN-Aadhaar linking facility for the convenience of members using EPFO Link in UMANG Mobile App.

a) Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation(EPFO)

b) United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

c) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

d) International Standards Organizations

e) World Intellectual Property Org.

9) Who had been appointed as the finance minister by the South African president Cyril Ramaphosa?

a) BrahmMohindra

b) Amit Mitra

c) Manohar Lal Khattar

d)  Manpreet Singh Badal

e) Nhlanhla Nene

10) Who has won the gold in the men’s event at the IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon 2018?

a) Bahadur Singh Dhoni

b) Nitendra Singh Rawat

c) Patrick Makau

d) Gopi Thonakal

e) Wilson Kipsang

11) Simona Halep has returned to world number one in women rankings. She belongs to which of the following sport?

a) Tennis

b) Wimbledon

c) Boxing

d) Baseball

e) Basketball

Answer Key

1) c

2) a

3) c

4) b

5) b

6) a

7) b

8) a

9) e

10) d

11) a

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