1.The joint exercise “Iron first” has started between _______________

(a) India and Japan

(b)America and India

(c)US and Japan

(d)US and China

(e)None of these

2.India ranked at _____ position on Global Manufacturing Index released by World Economic Forum



(c) 2nd


(e)None of these

3.________ claimed Gold Medal in National Women’s boxing Championship

(a)Sarjubala Devi

(b)Sarita devi L

(c) Jyothi Singh

(d)Sakshi Choudhary

(e)None of these

4.______________ has voluntarily exited from SEBI

(a)Rajkot Commodity Exchange (RCX)

(b)India Pepper and Spice Trade Association

(c)Both A and B

(d) None of these


5.Which country has listed as topped borrower from AIIB in 2017?





(e)None of these

6. __________ green bonds have become the first debt security to be listed on an exchange at International Financial Services Centre

(a)Indian Railway Financial Corporation

(b)Industrial Finance Corporation of India Ltd

(c)Life Insurance Corporation Housing Finance Limited

(d)Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited

(e)None of these

7. As part of ‘Vikas Samiksha Yatra’, _____ Govt. launches schemes over 200 crore rupees.



(c)Madhya Pradesh


(e)None of these

8.Karnataka state paired with _________ state for the “7th edition of ‘Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav-2018”

(a)Uttar Pradesh



(d)Tamil Nadu

(e)None of these

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