Q.1) Shigmotsav float parade 2018 was held in which state, recently?

a) Manipur

b) Assam

c) Goa

d) Madhya Pradesh

e) Bihar

Q.2) Which of the following state government has approved the setting up of a regional-cum-facilitation centre of the National Medicinal Plants Board of the Ministry of Ayush in the state at an outlay of Rs.748.30 lakh?

a) Bihar

b) Jammu & Kashmir

c) Manipur

d) Himachal Pradesh

e) Assam

Q.3) What is the theme of Women’s Film Festival 2018 is being organized at National Film Archives of India (NFAI), Pune?

a) Innovating Women

b) Travelling Women

c) Successful Women

d) Powerful Women

e) Women Empowerment

Q.4) Forbes India has released its “W-Power Trailblazers” issue this weekend, featuring 25 women stars ahead of International Women’s Day. Name the one does not belongs to the list.

a) AdhunaBhabani

b) Chiki Sarkar

c) Anupriya Acharya

d) KavyaSairam

e) Shivpriya Nanda

Q.5) How much amount has been penalized by RBI on Axis bank for violation of non-performing asset (NPA) and for non-compliance with the directions issued by RBI on Income Recognition and Asset Classification (IRAC) norms?

a) Rs.5 crore

b) Rs.2 crore

c) Rs.4 crore

d) Rs.6 crore

e) Rs.3 crore

Q.6)Which of the following state government has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with e-Governance Foundation (e-Gov) of NandanNilekani regarding the managing of electronic governance of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) throughout the state?

a) Punjab

b) Haryana

c) Bihar

d) Gujarat

e) Maharashtra

Q.7) Which of the following company has signed a pact with Iran’s IDRO Oil to jointly bid for a USD 1 billion contract for development of Susangerd oilfield in southern Iran?

a) Hindustan Petroleum

b) Indian Oil

c) ONGC Videsh Ltd

d) Bharat Petroleum

e) Oil India

Q.8)   Tech giant Microsoft said it has inked its first renewable energy deal in India for powering its new facility in _______.

a) Jaipur

b) New Delhi

c) Mumbai

d) Bangalore

e) Hyderabad

Q.9)   The Indian Navy concluded a gruelling two-month long War Game on both the Seaboards of India extended from the Northern Arabian Sea off the coast of Gujarat to the Southern Indian Ocean off the Sunda Straits near ______.

a) Maldives

b) Indonesia

c) Sri Lanka

d) Mauritius

e) Seychelles

Q.10) Name the new detected Malware which can be used for a ‘Distributed Denial of Service attack’.

a) Reaper

b) Mirai

c) Saposhi

d) Ransomware

e) Loyphish

Q.11) The headquarters of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has been shifted from Chennai to _______.

a) Gurugram


c) New Delhi

d) Jaipur

e) Mumbai

Q.12) who has been appointed by the parent firm as nominee director on SBI Life Insurance Company?

a) R K Gupta

b) P K Gupta

c) S K Gupta

d) V K Gupta

e) K K Gupta

Q.13) Who is the first female commander of a navy destroyer squadron in Japan?

a) Syoko Azuma

b) Pyoko Azuma

c) Ayoko Azuma

d) Kyoko Azuma

e) Ryoko Azuma

Q.14) Which of the following state in USA has become the first state to enact its own net-neutrality requirements?

a) California

b) Texas

c) Florida

d) Georgia

e) Washington

Q.15) India is all set to become the _____ member of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) after shareholders of the international financial institution gave their nod to the country’s candidature.

a) 69th

b) 70th

c) 60th

d) 59th

e) 68th

Q.16) Who has been elected as the new Chief Minister of Nagaland?

a) Biplab Kumar Deb

b) T R Zeliang

c) Neiphiu Rio

d) HokisheSema

e) T.N. Angami

Q.17) Who has been elected as the new Chief Minister of Tripura?

a) Manik Sarkar

b) Biplab Kumar Deb

c) Neiphiu Rio

d) HokisheSema

e) Dasarth Deb

Q.18) Who clinched the gold medal in women’s 10m Air Pistol event in ISSF World Cup in Guadalajara, Mexico?

a) Manu Bhaker

b) Anjali Bhagwat

c) ApurviChandela

d) Heena Sidhu

e) Ayonika Paul

Q.19) Name the justice who was a social activist, judge of the Kerala high court, and chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission has passed away, recently.

a) D Sreedevi

b) R Sharadha

c) P Urmila

d) K Saratha

e) S Parimala Devi

Q.20) Who clinched the Bronze medal in men’s 10m Air Rifle event in ISSF World Cup in Guadalajara, Mexico?

a) Vijay Kumar

b) GaganNarang

c) Jitu Rai

d) Ravi Kumar

e) AbhinavBindra


Q.1)             c)                 Goa

Q.2)             d)                Himachal Pradesh

Q.3)             b)                Travelling Women

Q.4)             d)                KavyaSairam

Q.5)             e)                Rs.3 crore

Q.6)             a)                Punjab

Q.7)             c)                 ONGC Videsh Ltd

Q.8)             d)                Bangalore

Q.9)             b)                Indonesia

Q.10)           c)                 Saposhi

Q.11)           b)                Ballabhgarh

Q.12)           b)                P K Gupta

Q.13)           e)                Ryoko Azuma

Q.14)           e)                Washington

Q.15)           a)                69th

Q.16)           c)                 Neiphiu Rio

Q.17)           b)                Biplab Kumar Deb

Q.18)           a)                Manu Bhaker

Q.19)           a)                D Sreedevi

Q.20)           d)                Ravi Kumar

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