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Here we are posting example Essay writing on the topic about RED Beacon Issue (VIP’s are banned using RED Beacon in their CARS). Refer here: Modi Shows Red Light To Beacons Of VIP Privilege


Human psychology abhors injustice. Treating individuals differently under the given circumstances is not only despicable but also a form of strangulatling the Justice system. In a democracy like India, the concept of equality before law is enshrined in Article 14 of the Constitution itself. The practice of VIP culture, with reference to India in particular, is to be examined in the light of this psychological focus.

                        The amendments that are incorporated in the Central Motor Vehicles  rules of 1989 make it impossible for the Central and State Governments to nominate categories or  groups for the red becon distinction. The idea behind this rule is to eliminate the show of authority and to keep everyone under the red signal. When the blood remains red for everyone why red becons only for a selected few?

                         A most common sight that illustrates the glaring lack of equality before law is the glare that beams out of the sirens attached to the vehicles of the VIPs. Besides being a distraction to other drivers and passers-by, it also signals the ineptitude relating to norms of democracy. The strange sound emanating from the siren or the red becon sounds the death knell of the basics of democracy. The elected members of the representatives of common people and the other Constitutional heads owe their position to the public at large and their bounden duty is towards the welfare of those who voted them to power. But, Alas! the same people who elevated them to their present positions are treated with absolute disrespect by this VIP culture, to put it on a milder tone. What a great tolerance on their part!

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