SBI PO Mains 2017 : Essay Writing Skills


English is one of the most fascinating languages in the world.The writing styles of the language remain luxurious and long-lasting. The powerfulness of the styles adopted by the English authors  is obviously evident. To convey the same meaning, the style adopted by many a writer is of immense value. An illustrative pattern given below, which conveys the same meaning in many a style, will be of interest to the readers. Idiomatic expressions and figures of speech are the intricate tools that help the authors to impress upon the readers. Those students who endeavor to secure high marks in the Essay format of the language should have an inherent interest in such styles of writing.

1. Smita is intelligent and honest.

2. Smita is not only intelligent but also honest.
3. Smita’s intelligence is equal to her honesty.
4. Smita is intelligent and also honest.
5. Smita’s intelligence and honesty are on an equal footing.
6. The levels of Smita’s ingelligence and honesty are even.
7. The fruit of Smita’s ingelligence and the honey of her honesty are the best recipe.
8. Which is more dominant -Smita’s ingelligence or honesty?
9.Intelligence and honesty are the two eyes of Smita.
10. Smita’s intelligence and honesty are the perfect pair.
11. The balance between Smita’s ingelligence and honesty is striking.
12.The lightning of Smita’s ingelligence and the thunder of her honesty are sure to bring in copious showers.
13. The sharpness of Smita’s ingelligence and focus of her honesty make her a striking beauty.
14. The hypotenuse of Smita’s intelligence and the base of her honesty make her always right-angled.
15. No words to describe the innate intelligence of Smita and the humane honesty of hers!
16. Which remains Smita’s  better asset-her intelligence or her honesty?