Eligibility Test for Bank Examinations


This article covers the topic of Eligibility test questions based on which are asked under the reasoning section in various bank examination. These types of Eligibility test questions are important for competitive exams like IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, SSC CGL, Placement Aptitude, IBPS PO, SBI PO, NICL AO, LIC AAO, SBI Associate Clerk, SBI Associate PO, CAT and others

Eligibility Test is nothing but a decision making. You have to take a right decision based on the criteria’s which is given in the statement. You should have good decision making skills to crack these type of questions in your exams. Here, You have the bio-data of various applicants alongside the fundamental capabilities required to be satisfied by the applicant for a specific opportunity in an organization. You are required to evaluate the applicant’s qualification and afterwards choose what course of action is to be taken from amongst the given choices.

Eligibility test Model 1: Study the following data deliberately to answer the questions given underneath

Following are the capabilities for a specific post in a reputed organization.

The applicant must –

(a) be an Engineering graduate with at least 50% marks;

(b) be at least 21 years and not over 25 years old as on 1.5.2006;

(c) have passed through the determination test with no less than 60% marks;

(d) be willing pay a store of Rs. 25,000, to be discounted on consummation of training.

However, if a candidate fulfills the above mentioned criteria except:

(i) At (a) above, yet has showed up for the last semester examination and has acquired a total of least 65% marks in initial seven semesters, his/her case might be referred to the V.P. of the organization;

(ii) At (d) above, however will pay a measure of at any rate Rs. 10000 and has gotten no less than 70% marks at Engineering degree, the case possibly referred to the General Manager of the organization.

In each of the accompanying questions, points of interest of the applicant are given as respects his/her candidature. You need to read the data gave and choose his/her status in view of the conditions given above and the data gave. You are not to expect something besides the data gave in each of the following questions. All these cases are given to you as on 1.5.2006

Give answer:

  1. If the applicant is to be selected;
  2. If the case is to be referred to the General Manager;
  3. If the case is to be referred to the V.P.;
  4. If the data provided is not adequate to take a decision;
  5. If the applicant is not to be selected.

Eligibility Test Questions

  1. Sanjai is an IT engineer went out in 2003 with 48% marks. After getting the designing degree, He has done MBA with specialization in Marketing. He has cleared the determination test with 60% imprints. He can pay the store of Rs. 25000. His date of birth is fifteenth September.

  1. Harish is an understudy of Mechanical Engineering and has showed up for the last semester examination. Results of the last semester examination are normal one month from now. He is hoping to score 65% imprints in the last semester as his total rate of the initial seven semesters is 67%. He has passed through the choice test with 60% checks and has no issue in paying the measure of Rs. 10,000 as store. He is 22 years of age at present.

  1. Godwin has passed Computer Engineering degree with 68% marks in 2005 at the age of 22 years and is working with private engineering firm for last six months. He has cleared the selection test with 63% marks, He will manage to pay Rs. 25,000 as deposit.

  1. Christy, who has just completed 23 years of age, passed out degree in Civil engineering with 70% marks. He has cleared the selection test with 61% marks. He is willing to pay the amount of Rs. 10000 only and will not be able to pay Rs. 25000.

  1. Martin has appeared for the last semester examination of Mechanical Engineering and the results are awaited. He secured first class in each of the first seven semesters. He has recently completed 22 years of age. He has no problem in paying the required amount of Rs. 25,000 as deposit. He has passed the selection test with 58% marks.


Clearly, the candidate is:

1. Since Sanjai is having only 48% in Engineering, He is not selected as condition (a) is not satisfied.

Therefore, answer is E.

2. Since Harish fulfils conditions (i), b, c and d, so his case is to be decided by V.P. of the organisation.

Therefore, answer is C.

3. Clearly the bio-data of Godwin and his qualifications are satisfying all the conditions of selection so he is selected for the job by the organization.

Therefore, answer is A.

4. Christy’s case is a fit case to be referred to G.M. of the organisation.

Hence, answer is B.

5. Data given by Martin is inadequate in many informations having not been supplied.

Hence, the answer is D

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