Important Idioms and Phrases for Upcoming SBI PO Exam – Part 7

181. To put up with – To tolerate

182. To face the music – To bear the consequences

183. Yeoman’s service – Social work

184. To take to hearts – To grieve over

185. To smell a rat – To be suspicious

186. To move heaven and earth – to try everything possible

187. To take someone for a ride – to deceive (cheat) someone

188. In cold blood – Not intentional / Excitedly

189. A damp squib – A disappointing result

190. To bite the dust – To be defeated

191. To take to one’s heel – To run away

192. To be all at sea – Lost and confused

193. Cold Comfort – Slight satisfaction

194. A bolt from the blue – An unexpected and unpleasant event

195. To feather one’s nest – To make oneself rich (in position or in monetary terms)

196. To die in harness – To die while in service

197. To show a clean pair of heels – to escape/run away

198. To flog a dead horse –to waste one’s efforts

199. To strain every nerve – To make utmost efforts

200. A bolt form the blue – Unexpected problem

201. Sailing in the same boat – Being in the same difficult situation

202. Gift of the gab – Ability to speak well

203. To keep the wolf from the door – Escape starvation

204. Soft option – Easy and agreeable option

205. A little gush of gratitude – Excessive enthusiasm

206. To lose ground – To become less popular

207. To fall back on – to fail to do something important in time

208. To make one’s blood boil – To make somebody furious

209. Wear and tear – Damage

210. To add fuel to the fire – To cause additional anger