Profit and Loss for SBI PO  Set – 15

1) Rani purchased 10 transistors for Rs 500 each. She spent Rs 2000 on the maintenance of all transistors. She sold five of them for Rs 750 each and the remaining for Rs 550 each. Then the total gain or loss % is?

a) Gain of 8 1/8%

b) Loss of 8 1/8%

c) Gain of 7 2/3%

d) Loss of 7 1/7%

e) Can’t be determined

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Total actual CP

= Rs. (500 × 10 + 2000)

= Rs. 7000

Total SP.

= Rs. (5 × 750 + 5 × 550)

= Rs. 6500

Loss = 7000-6500= Rs. 500

Loss percent = (500/7000)× 100 =50/7= 7 1/7% [/su_spoiler]

2) Mukesh owns Maruthi car showroom. He labelled the price of car to earn a profit of 40% on the cost price. He sold the car by offering a discount of 20% on the labelled price. What is the actual percent profit earned?

a) 18%

b) 15%

c) 20%

d) Cannot be determined

e) None of these

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3) TCS is the leading IT Company then the Profit earned by same organization is distributed among officers and clerks in the ratio of 13:7 respectively. If the number of officers is 52 and the number of clerks is 78 and the amount received by each officer is Rs.3000. what was the total amount of profit earned (in lakhs)?

a) Rs 2.45

b) Rs 2.30

c) Rs 2.4

d) Rs 2.325

e) None of these

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4) Suba went to Phoenix market city to buy some chocolates. The cost of 8 chocolates and 12 cakes is Rs.82. What would be the cost of 36 chocolates and 54 cakes?

a) Rs.366

b) Rs.365

c) Rs.369

d) Rs.364

e) None of these

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5) Muarutham groups sell their two apartments which are made up of Singapore woods. One at 20% loss and another at 15% profit. If the cost prices of the two apartments are in the ratio of 2:3, what is his percent profit or loss?

a) 1% profit

b) 2% loss

c) 2% profit

d) 1.2%loss

e) None of these

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6) By selling an Audi car for Rs.10000,the profit earned is thrice the loss incurred after selling the Audi car for Rs.8500. Find the cost price of the car?

a) Rs.7450

b) Rs.8595

c) Rs.8000

d) Rs.4500

e) Rs 8875

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7) In GRT jewellery, the profit is 430% of the cost price of bangles. If the cost price increases by 35% but the selling price remains constant, then what percentage of the selling price is the profit? (Approximately)

a) 54.25%

b) 59.5%

c) 74.5%

d) 87.8%

e) 65.5%

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8) Janani bought four mobiles for Rs. 1 lakh from poorvika mobiles. She spent total 2 lakhs in the repairing of these four mobiles. What is the average sale price (in lakhs) of the rest three mobiles to get 50% total profit if he has already sold one of the four mobiles at Rs. 1.2 lakhs?

a) 3.3

b) 4.5

c) 1.1

d) 1.5

e) Can’t be determined

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9) The marked price of an article is increased by 25% and the selling price is increased by 16.66%, then the amount of profit doubles. If the original marked price be Rs. 400 which is greater than the corresponding cost price by 33.33%, what is the increased selling price?(Approximately)

a) Rs 240

b) Rs 360

c) Rs 420

d) Rs 600

e) Rs 720

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10) Rahul went to purchase a Nokia mobile handset, the shopkeeper told him to pay 20% tax if he asked the bill. Rahul manages to get the discount of 5% on the actual sale price of the mobile and he paid the shopkeeper Rs. 3325 without tax. Besides he manages to avoid paying 20% tax on the already discounted price, what is the amount of discount that he has gotten (in Rs)?

a) 750

b) 375

c) 875

d) 525

e) None of these

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