Puzzle Test For SBI PO : Set – 06

 D 1 – 5) Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

Eight persons – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H – are travelling in three different Cars namely X, Y and Z. There are at least two persons in each car and each car has persons of both the sexes. Out of eight persons three are females. All of them like different colours viz, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Grey and Purple. Females do not like Grey or White colour. D is travelling with G in the Car Z. G likes Black colour. The persons who like Red and Purple colours, are travelling in the same car. E does not like Purple colour and he is not travelling with H in the same car. A does not like purple or Red colour. H is travelling in the Car Y. B, C and H are females in the group. B likes Blue colour and is travelling with the person who likes Black colour. Red and Green colours are liked by female members. The only person who is travelling with H, likes Grey colour. One of the persons travelling in Car Z likes Yellow colour.

1) In which of the following Cars only two persons are travelling?

a) Car X

b) Car Y

c) Car Z

d) Cannot be determined

e) None of these

2.) The female member who is travelling in the Car X likes which colour?

a) Green

b) Blue

c) Yellow

d) Red

e) None of these

3) Who among the following likes Yellow colour?

a) D

b) E

c) A

d) F

e) None of these

4) Who among the following is/are travelling with female member C?

a) E and G

b) A and D

c) E and F

d) D and E

e) F and G

5) If E likes White colour. Which of the following combinations of Person-Car-Colour is not correct?

a) C-X-Red

b) F-X-Purple

c) G-Z-Black





1 b
2 d
3 a
4 c
5 e


D 6 – 10)Study the following information carefully and answer the questions:

P, Q, R, S, T, W and Z are seven students studying in three different institutes A, B and C. There are three girls among the seven students who study in each of the three institutes. Two of the seven students study BCA, two study Medicine and one each studies Aviation Technology, Journalism and MBA. R studies in the same college as P who studies MBA in college B. No girl studies Journalism or MBA. T studies BCA in college A and his brother W studies Aviation Technology in college C. S studies Journalism in the same college as Q. Neither R or Z studies BCA. The girl who studies BCA does not study in college C.

6) Which of the following pairs of students study medicine?

a) RZ

b) WZ

c) PZ

d) None of these

7) In which college does Q study?

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) Data Inadequate

e) None of these

8) In which of the colleges do three of them study?

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) A and B

e) None of these

9) What is the field of study of Z?

a) BCA

b) Medicine

c) MBA

d) Aviation Technology

e) None of these

10) Which of the following three represents girls?

a) SQR

b) SQZ

c) QRZ

Answer :

6 a
7 a
8 a
9 b
19 c