Strategy to Crack RBI Assistant Mains Examination 2017 & Cutoff Marks

Dear Banking Aspirant,

The festive season of Exams is graced with the arrival of Reserve Bank of India(RBI) Assistant Examination (2017) along with many other exams. The preliminary examination , mains examination and the regional language Test are the three  phases to pick to the appropriate candidate for the post of RBI Assistant. As everyone knows , this is one of the coveted exams and the exams are hard to crack as this exam is always in the difficult range.

Coming to the preliminary Examination which happened this year , the exam was on the easier front with the questions asked was much easier when compared to the other exams and also many aspirants were able to attend more number of questions, again this too in comparison with the other exams. The Results of the RBI Assistant Prelims Exam was released immediately the week after the exam is over. The score card of the RBI Assistant Preliminary Examination have been released yesterday and now many would have seen the scores of their RBI Assistant Preliminary Examination 2017.

You can check the Review of the RBI Assistant Preliminary Examination from the link that is given below.

Click Here – To check the Review of RBI Assistant Prelims Exam 2017 – Day 1

Click Here – To check the Review of RBI Assistant Prelims Exam 2017 – Day 2

When comparing the scores, we can definitely say that the cutoff marks of the RBI Assistant Preliminary Examination should be higher and should be greater than 75 (which is just an assumed average of the various section in the RBI Assistant Preliminary Examination). So this Assistant Exam of Prelims can be compared with the UIIC Assistant Exam Prelims which had high cutoff marks, but since the cutoff marks aren’t released this time for the RBI Assistant Prelims Exam 2017 , every score whoever says  is just an expected one.

Coming to the Mains Examination of the RBI Assistant, the cutoff marks again play a major role and the topics asked in the previous year exams also have part in this year Mains Examination of the RBI Assistant 2017.

The cutoff marks of the RBI Assistant Mains Examination 2016 (which happened in the January Month of this Year) is given below. Have a look because you can get an insight of the RBI Assistant Mains Examination.


Test of Reasoning

Test of English Language

Test of General Awareness

Test of Computer Knowledge

Test of Numerical Ability

SC,   ST,  SC-EXS,




















Also check the cutoff marks of the various cities and various categories from the table given below. This is the minimum qualifying marks in the RBI Assistant Mains Examination 2016 of various centres. 




112 NV 79.75 95.50 —*



113 93.50 94.00 96.75 121.75 —*


122.75 101.00 84.75 112.25 113.75



116.50 88.75 79.75 NV —*



127.00 96.00 NV 107.75 —*



123.75 103.00 NV 117.00 119.75



107.25 94.25 74.50 119.50 —*



126.00 107.25 108.00 115.75 —*



124.50 98.75 94.50 113.75 —* 120.25


116.50 96.50 —* 104.00 —* —*
Kanpur & Lucknow 119.00 97.00 97.00 101.50 119.75



126.00 91.50 NV 107.00 —* 106.00
Mumbai 111.50 97.00 73.00 105.25 115.50



107.00 NV NV 103.25 —* —*

New Delhi

128.25 108.50 NV 113.25 128.00



116.50 90.25 100.75 104.50 —* —*
Thiruvananthapuram & Kochi 128.75 97.25 NV 119.00 131.00


This is the state of Last year cutoff marks of RBI Assistant Exams and you can be sure that this year when comparing the competition and the number of vacancies, the cutoff marks of the RBI Assistant of this year should be considerably high. Also the level of questions of the RBI Assistant Mains Examination play a major role in deciding the cutoff marks for various centres.

The Pattern of the Mains Examination is changed this time and we can eve say this is the first time the RBI Assistant Pattern is changed for the Mains Examination. The individual sectional timing is applied this year and we can say that this will play a major role in defining the cutoff marks of RBI Assistant Mains Examination 2017. Check the Exam pattern of the RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2017 from the table given below.


Sr. No. Name of Tests
No of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1 Test of Reasoning 40 40 30 minutes
2 Test of English Language 40 40 30 minutes
3 Test of Numerical Ability 40 40 30 minutes
4 Test of General Awareness 40 40 25 minutes
5 Test of Computer Knowledge 40 40 20 minutes
Total 200 200

Strategies to Crack the RBI ASSISTANT MAINS EXAMINATION 2017

The strategy to crack the RBI Assistant lies in efficient answering of the questions and this time this has to be changed because each section got it’s own individual timing to answer the questions. For Reasoning , Quantitative Aptitude and English Section you have to attend 40 Questions in 30 minutes and if by chance any new pattern questions are asked then that questions will consume the time limit , so as we always say, be choosy in the questions.

Quantitative Aptitude 

The Topics asked in the last year RBI Assistant Mains Examination will be of much use to the aspirants who are attending the exams. So the Topics which are asked last year are in accordance with the given list like

  • Data Interpretation – 10
  • Quadratic Equation – 5
  • Miscellaneous – 15
  • Number Series – 5
  • Data Sufficiency –  5

Out of these topics , there are chances that simplification can take a place in this list this year, if there are any chances and while considering the scoring part , except the Miscellaneous where solving all the 15 would be nearly great, other topics are easy to solve. The Data sufficiency questions asked last year was with a two variant statement and last year the Quantitative Aptitude part was in the scale of moderate to difficult and you can expect the same this year too. Maybe some of the topics can be easier to solve but mostly you can expect the moderate level of questions.

English Language

This is one of the difficult section for many candidates but brace yourselves because you have crossed a mighty sea and now you have got a great ocean to cross and the prior experience will help you to achieve this. This year the English Language section had the most difficult questions and also many twisted topics and new pattern questions and confused the aspirants in the exams. So last year the RBI Assistant Mains Exam had some of the twisted questions and topics too.

  • 2 Set of Reading Comprehension
  • Usage of Words pertaining to different Sentences
  • Sentence Rearrangement (Less Number of Questions)
  • Error Spotting (new Pattern)
  • Sentence Fillers
  • Choosing Appropriate Words

This was the first set and the questions asked in the exam were exactly in the difficult range, there started the process of getting new pattern questions. So a neat and extraordinary performance should be required to get marks in this present section. Since only 30 minutes are there to solve 40 questions and considering the level of complexity of the problems, we can say comparing the recent exams, this will have the moderate to difficult range questions. Mostly All the new pattern questions are asked in the recent exams, even then new patterns are formed for each exams which ended recently, so be careful in the directions before proceeding to the questions because there can be a twist in the instructions too. So be choosy in the questions and since this is a time bound one, you have to get the required marks and always try to score more here because this will us if the individual cutoff marks are too high. Compare the cutoff marks of English Language for reference.

Reasoning Ability 

This seems to be the easiest part to score marks among the three tough categories and you have to make sure, you solve the puzzles and seating arrangement in a correct way to get quick marks from other topics in this section. So the questions asked in the last year RBI Assistant Mains Exam reasoning section are

  • Inequlaities
  • Syllogism
  • Alphabet Series
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Blood Relation
  • Alpha Numeric Series
  • Seating Arrangement (Both Linear and Circular Arrangement)
  • Puzzles

Out of these questions, the alphanumeric and Alphabet series are the questions that are thronging the recent exams and give some attention to those easier questions because those questions will be easier to score. The Seating and the puzzle were primarily difficult and considering other questions, you have to attend this topic in the last if you wish to score more(only when it is difficult).

Computer Knowledge and General Awareness

This is the scoring part for many candidates and make sure you prepare the recent events in a definite manner. Out of the 80 questions you have to make sure to get atleast 65% of marks which will reduce the efforts to get the overall score because this is the boost to get more marks and you can be sure to score more in the other sections too. The Current Affairs questions ranges to 50% in the current affairs section and the rest is taken by Banking awareness and Static GK Questions and this will not be a problem if you are a ardent reader of current affairs section.

So Prepare for the RBI Assistant Mains Examination 2017 in a better way because you have crossed a mighty sea and do remember the vacancies are very less for some of the centres and you have to score more in the exam to be called for the Regional language Test. So try to score maximum marks in the RBI Assistant Mains Examination and be the achieve the feat of becoming an employee in the coveted Central Banking Institution of our Country.

You can read the official notification of the RBI ASSISTANT EXAM 2017 from the link below.

RBI ASSISTANT 2017 Official Notification

You can check the Language mentioned in the Annex IV in the link below.

Language List mentioned in RBI ASSISTANT 2017 Annex IV