Dear Banking Aspirant,

The exam which is hard to crack is here and the mains exam is still few days away and you have to prepare for that hard to crack the exam because the competition is higher and the number of candidates attending the mains exam for each state is less when compared to the prelims Examination.

This is one of the important exams and this will be the start for the IBPS CLERICAL MAINS EXAM which will happen in the new year. So start your preparations now with the RBI ASSISTANT Mains Planner and prepare for the exams. The Clerical Exam will be over and after that you still have to start your preparations for the RBI ASSISTANT mains exam so start from now on. You will be able to attend the questions if there is constant preparations are there.

We have planned this planner in such a way that this will cover all the current affairs from the month of September to November and the last two days will have quizzes from the month of December till 15th. So we have got the whole topics covered and this will be your key to crack the exam, because current affairs, banking awareness and Computer awareness equals to a total of 80 marks in the mains examination. As you all know the exams are getting tougher and we have to be prepared for any scenarios , so prepare hard for this RBI ASSISTANT MAINS EXAMINATION 2017 and crack the exam with your constant preparations.


Computer Awareness Day 9

Time : 10 Minutes

Q.1) __________ is/are the branches of information technology which is intended t protect computers.

a) cyber security

b) IT security

c) Information security

d) all the above

e) none of the above

Q.2) __________ ensures that unauthorized users do not access the system

a) system design

b) data access control

c) system access control

d) all the above

e) none of the above

Q.3) In computer security, ________ means the computer system assets can be modified only by authorized parties.

a) Confidentiality

b) integrity

c) Availability

d) authenticity

e) none of the above

Q.4) In computer security________ means that the information in a computer system only be accessible viewing by authorized parties

a) confidentiality

b) integrity

c) availability

d) authenticity

e) none of the above

Q.5) In computer security, integrity refers to

a) viewing and printing of data

b) separation and protection of the resources data

c) access to computing resources without difficulty

d) all the above

e) none of the above

Q.6) _________ refers to situation in which services or data become unavailable, unusable and destroyed

a) confidentiality

b) interruption

c) Integrity

d) all the above

e) none of these

Q.7) _______ means that a sender must not be able to deny sending a message that he sent

a) confidentiality

b) integrity

c) Authentication

d) Non-repudiation

e) none of these

Q.8) Which of the following means that the receiver is ensured that the message is coming from the intended sender, not an imposter?

a) authentication

b) access control

c) availability

d) privacy

e) confidentiality

Q.9) _______ means to prove/verify identity of the entity that tries to access  system’s resources

a) message authentication

b) entity authentication

c) password authentication

d) all the above

e) none of the above

Q.10) What are the three basic component of computer security?

a) control, intelligence, action

b) central, intelligence, agency

c) confidentiality, integrity, availability

d) confidence, integrity, action

e) confidentiality, intelligence, availability

Q.11) A major security problem for operating system is

a) authentication problem

b) physical problem

c) human problem

d) all the above

e) none of the above

Q.12) Malicious software is known as

a) adware

b) malware

c) malicious ware

d) illegal ware

e) all of these

Q.13) Malware is used to

a) Disrupt computer operation

b) Gather sensitive information

c) Gain access to private computer system

d) all of the above

e) none of the above

Q.14) Which of the following is included by malware?

a) Adware

b) worms

c) Trojan horse

d) spyware

e) all the above

Q.15) System program threats are

a) Trojan horse

b) trap doors

c) logic bomb

d) all of these

e) none of these

Q.16) Malwares spread by infecting computers in many ways through

a) portable disks

b) CD-ROMs

c) E-mails

d) file downloads

e) all of these

Q.17) Which of the following is/are threats for electronic payment system?

a) Trojan horse

b) computer virus

c) computer worms

d) all the above

e) none of the above

Q.18) Software program that close potential security breaches in an operating systems are known as

a) security breath fixes

b) refresh patches

c) security repairs

d) security patches

e) all the above

Q.19) Data security threats include

a) hardware failure

b) privacy invasion

c) Fraudulent manipulation of data

d) all of the above

e) none of the above

Q.20) Viruses, Trojan horses and worms are

a) able to harm computer system

b) unable to detect if affected on computer

c) user-friendly applications

d) harmless applications resident on computer

e) none of the above

Check the answers for the above Computer Knowledge Questions from the link given below. 

Click Here to View Answer

1) d

2) c

3) b

4) a

5) b

6) b

7) d

8) a

9) b

10) c

11) a

12) b

13) d

14) e

15) d

16) e

17) d

18) d

19) b

20) a

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