Target SBI PO : English Day – 9

1) “And ______ we have to make sure that there is a price to pay, ______ that we can perhaps persuade the Russians to stop these kind of attacks on our very fundamentals ______ democracy,” added Mr. McCain, who has scheduled a hearing ______ foreign cyber threats.

(a) so, so, for, on    

(b) so, but, for, on

(c) so, yet, of, on    

(d) so, yet, of, on 

(e) so, so, of, on

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2) ______ we might see a weaker open to the year as investors take some ______ those gains that they have waited to do.

(a) on, of               

(b) but, for

(c) so, of               

(d) so, for

(e) so, on

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3) Here is a debatable list ______ the event’s most memorable singles matches ______ far.

(a) for, so              

(b) of, yet

(c) of, but              

(d) for, but 

(e) of, so

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4) No wonder defending champion Mumbai has remained unbeaten ______ the tournament ______ far, while Tamil Nadu has not been beaten since it lost the tournament opener to Mumbai ______ Lahli almost three months ago.

(a) in, so, at           

(b) in, at, in

(c) at, so, at                     

(d) in, so, in

(e) at, so, in

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5) ______ that’s the reason we are here and moreover this team has been together ______ six ______ seven years ______ so they know their game.

(a) but, of, or, and  

(b) but, for, or, yet

(c) but, of, or, yet   

(d) and, for, or, yet 

(e) and, for, or, and

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6) An average of 35 is not considered good, ______ ______ we wanted our players to go over 50, 60 and 70 and 100, like Panchal’s ______ hence he is getting noticed.

(a) and, yet, and     

(b) and, but, and

(c) and, yet, and     

(d) and, so, and 

(e) and, so, yet

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7) “This doesn’t look right.” ______ did she walk out ______ do that film? Kangana said.

(a) so, or               

(b) but, or

(c) yet, or              

(d) so, yet

(e) so, but

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8) ______ fact that someone’s truth can ______ easily become someone else’s hurdle to be ______ razed down.

(a) the, so, at                   

(b) the, so, in

(c) In, so, at                     

(d) In, so, in 

(e) None of these

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9) “I never even dreamt that I would be pushed to such ______ position where I have to accept ______ post of general secretary, ______ was it ever my wish.”

(a) a, the, or                    

(b) a, the, nor

(c) an, a, or           

(d) a, a, or

(e) a, a, nor

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10) Unlike several countries such as ______ U.S., Qatar, ______ U.K. that have announced plans to undertake large projects to map genomes, ______ Indian government doesn’t ______ have any major initiative.

(a) the, the, an, but  

(b) the, the, a, yet

(c) the, the, the, yet 

(d) the, the, the, but

(e) the, the, an, yet

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