CRACK IBPS PO : New Pattern Double Fillers Day 78

Dear Banking Aspirant ,

Solve these questions from double fillers to gain more expertise in this particular topics. Moreover the questions were taken from the recent events and also these questions are new to you. If these types of questions are asked in Prelims exam , aspirants have to be prepared for these type of Questions to solve them.


1) Following the global financial crisis of 2008, it was observed that problems faced by certain large and highly interconnected financial institutions ________ the orderly functioning of the financial system, which in turn, negatively __________ the real economy.

(A) Improved , affected

(B) Revised , Unswayed

(C) Hampered , Impacted

(D) Untroubled , Switched

(E) Changed , Solved

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2) This ethnic conflict ________ up as religious violence spreading to the other provinces of Myanmar. It was finally contained in 2013 after military _________.

(A) Controlled , Conflicts

(B) Surpassed , Rampage

(C) Erupted , Expulsion

(D) Conulged , Invasion

(E) Flared , Intervention

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3) So Article 35A was added to the Constitution as a testimony of the special __________ the Indian government ____________ to the ‘permanent residents’ of Jammu and Kashmir.

(A) Consideration , Accorded

(B) Disdain , Withheld

(C) Respect , Disputed

(D) Previlage , Awarded

(E) Ideation , Assimilated

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4) The key purpose of the government’s price support policy is to provide a fair return to _________ farmers and to protect the interests of consumers by keeping the prices of food and other agriculture commodities at _________ levels.

(A) Inept , Exorbitant

(B) Sluggish , Assured

(C) Efficient , Reasonable

(D) Appropriate , Ensured

(E) Shrewd , Expected

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5) Hong Kong was _________ over by the British to China two decades ago in a tearful farewell. The Chinese President and Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam watched a presentation during their visit to a section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which is _______ construction.

(A) Handed , Under

(B) Provided , on the verge

(C) Withheld , Still

(D) Put , Down

(E) Exchanged , Below

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6) A ___________ bias that causes people to ________ greater value to goods that they have created on their own either partially or from scratch.

(A) Physical , Retract

(B) Cognitive , Assign

(C) Experimental , Defer

(D) Conscious , Extract

(E) Corporeal , Exchange

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7) The rapid ________ of AI platforms will _________ a higher demand for skilled engineers in niche areas, while doing away with entry-level engineers for such generic tasks as coding, back-office maintenance and applications testing.

(A) Adoption , Create

(B) Increase , Adopt

(C) Selection , Invest

(D) Repudiation , Expand

(E) Espousal , Spawn

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8) As crews _________ to repair the lone highway connecting the Keys, residents of some of the islands closest to Florida’s mainland were _________ to return and get their first look at the devastation.

(A) Ventured , Expanded

(B) Allowed , Accumulated

(C) Failed , Diavowed

(D) Accused , Provided

(E) Labored , Allowed

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9) Individual creditors have thus had to trust the ratings of the _________ rating agencies at their own _________ , even after repeated crises

(A) Existing , Peril

(B) Different , Protection

(C) Present , Expediation

(D) Real , Credits

(E) Various , Expenses

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10) Although this image captures a _________ moment and the intimacy of relations with the English, the narrator also criticises their foreign overlords and the way in which the colonial state was threatening to __________ the position of the indigenous elite.

(A) Vivid , Present

(B) Trivial , Strengthen

(C) Essential , Disrupt

(D) Pivotal , Destabilise

(E) Exponential , Expediate

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