Q.1) Which movie got Oscar awards 2017 in Four Category (Best Song, Best score, Best cinematography, Best production design) held at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles?

a) Zootopia

b) La La Land

c) The Salesman

d) Fences

e) None of these

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Q.2) The world’s first robot table tennis tutor has set a new Guinness World Record for its uncanny ability of being able to play the game better than most humans. The robot belongs to which Country?

a) China

b) Australia

c) Japan

d) United States

e) India

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Q.3) To support government efforts against cyber crime while also helping companies and citizens to be more secure, Microsoft has announced the launch of a cyber security centre in which Country, recently?

a) Canada

b) Mexico

c) Cuba

d) India

e) United States

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Q.4) On account of demonetisation, economic thinktank National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) has lowered the country’s growth forecast from 7.6% to how much percent for the current fiscal?

a) 6.5%

b) 6.75%

c) 6.9%

d) 6.8%

e) 7.2%

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Q.5) In which of the following words are added in Oxford Dictionaries as angry times, recently?

a) Clicktivism, haterade

b) Clicktivism, Cat Cafe

c) haterade, Cat Cafe

d) Cat Cafe, Moobs

e) Yolo, Moobs

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Q.6) Who has been appointed as the Cancer Society Global Ambassador?

a) Jackson

b) Donald Kordei

c) Normani Kordei

d) Thomsan Bosch

e) Fernades

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Q.7) Who was elected as Labor secretary by The Democratic National Committee (DNC)?

a) Abraham bech

b) Donald Bosch

c) Jakson Perez

d) Thomas Perez

e) None of these

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Q.8) Identify the Chief Minister who recently imposed the ban of use of polythene bags in Jharkhand state?

a) Sarbananda Sonowal

b) Okram Ibobi Singh

c) Raghubar Das

d) Devendra Fadnavis

e) Mamta Banerjee

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Q.9) Which of the following two states’ proposal for setting of ‘dedicated cargo airport’ has been taken for consideration?

a) Goa and Madhya Pradesh

b) Haryana and Andhra Pradesh

c) Karnataka and Kerala

d) Telangana and Uttar Pradesh

e) Tamil Nadu and Orissa

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Q.10) The world’s largest steelmaker ArcelorMittal planned to set up solar farm with Karnataka with a productive capacity of?

a) 750 MW

b) 650 MW

c) 550 MW

d) 800 MW

e) 950 MW

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Q.11) Which of the following building has been documented in a series of books will be available in online series Sahapedia?

a) Rashtrapati Bhavan

b) Raj Bhavan

c) Parliament House

d) Vidaan Sabha

e) Secretariat

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Q.12) Which government has set up an online system for Panipat to monitor the sex ratio in the district as part of the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ programme

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Haryana

c) Kerala

d) Uttar Pradesh

e) Orissa

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Q.13) Who sets Guinness record for playing marathon Carrom from Hyderabad?

a) Husna Sameera

b) Koneru Humpy

c) Tania Sachdev

d) Mary Ann Gomes

e) Dronavalli Harika

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Q.14) Which team won their fifth League Cup title after defeating Southampton in the final at the Wembley Stadium?

a) FC Barcelona

b) Manchester United

c) FC Bayern Munich

d) Real Madrid

e) None of these

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Q.15) Bill Paxton ,who died recently belongs to which field?

a) Journalist

b) professor

c) Actor

d) Singer

e) Cricket

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Q.16) Which team beat Dabang Mumbai to clinch maiden Hockey India League title ?

a) UttarPradesh Wizards

b) Ranchi Rays

c) Punjab Warrior

d) Kalinga Lancers

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