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Q.1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi will officially launch the ‘Gram Swaraj’ campaign from which of the following district?

a) Surguja

b) Kanker

c) Bijapur

d) Dhamtari

e) Jashpur

Q.2) When is the Ayushman Bharat Diwas observed?

a) April 12

b) April 30

c) April 17

d) April 16

e) May 5

Q.3) The government has changed its target year for completion of phase one of  PMGSY from 2022 to which of the following year?

a) 2024

b) 2023

c) 2021

d) 2020

e) 2019

Q.4) What is the abbreviation of “S” in PMGSY?

a) Sahyog

b) Suraksha

c) Sadak

d) Service

e) Social

Q.5) The French President Emmanuel Macron will contribute how much million toward urgent humanitarian aid for Syria?

a) 20 million euros

b) 50 million euros

c) 70 million euros

d) 30 million euros

e) 40 million euros

Q.6) Which country has successfully test fired enhanced version of Babur cruise missile?

a) Pakistan

b) Afghanistan

c) Israel

d) France

e) U.S

Q.7) What is the strike range of Babur cruise missile?

a) 800 kms

b) 700 kms

c) 400 kms

d) 900 kms

e) 750 kms

Q.8) Which of the following banks has been brought in as repository participants for pledge finance?

a) SBI and IndusInd Bank

b) Axis Bank and HDFC Bank

c) ICICI Bank and SBI

d) HDFC Bank and Canara Bank

e) ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank

Q.9) What is the abbreviation of “R” in LR Scheme?

a) Rashtriya

b) Rural

c) Remittance

d) Rajiv Gandhi

e) Ration

Q.10) Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project is located in which of the following district?

a) Porbandar

b) Lucknow

c) Mathura

d) Tirunelveli

e) Cochin

Q.11) The government has raised NABARD’s authorised capital to how much amount?

a) Rs 300 Billion

b) Rs 400 Billion

c) Rs 100 Billion

d) Rs 500 Billion

e) Rs 200 Billion

Q.12) Who is the president of Confederation of Indian Industry(CII)?

a) Ranish Bharti Mittal

b) Rajesh Bharti Mittal

c) Rakesh Bharti Mittal

d) Rashid Bharti Mittal

e) None of these

Q.13) Which is the country’s most valuable bank with a market capitalization of Rs5.04 trillion?

a) SBI

b) Axis Bank

c) ICICI Bank

d) HDFC Bank

e) Canara Bank

Q.14) Which of the following music album has won pulitzer prize 2018?

a) Cost of Living

b) Damn

c) Less

d) High Fly

e) Happy Goal

Q.15) Who is the president of France?

a) Mauricio Macri

b) Abdul Hamid

c) Emmanuel Macron

d) Rumen Radev

e) Luis Guillermo Solís