Daily Current Affairs Quiz : December 1, 2017

1.Where is the headquarters of AIBA located?


b)New Delhi





2.‘Clean Sea-2017’ was recently held as a marine oil pollution response exercise. It was kicked off at_______________

a)Port Louis



d)Port Blair


3.The Union Defence Ministry approved procurement of 260 naval communication sets for how much amount_______________

a)Rs.890 crore

b)Rs.790 crore

c)Rs.690 crore

d)Rs.590 crore

e)Rs.490 crore

4.West Bengal gets Financial aid from which organisation to ply 130 Electric buses______________

a)Asian Development Bank

b)World Bank

c)International Monetary Fund

d)Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

e)New Development Bank


5.Whose signature is present in 1Re Note?

a) RBI Governor

b) Finance Secretary

c) President

d) Prime Minister

e) Both a) and b)


6.Nagaland celebrated the 54th Statehood Day and the 18th Hornbill festival 2017 at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama. Who inaugurated the function?

a)Narendra Modi

b)Ram Nath Kovind

c)T. R. Zeliang

d)Padmanabha Acharya

e)Venkaiah Naidu


7.Recently Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Russian Minister for Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov agreed that Russia will assist India to set up which of the following____________________

a)Defence Centre

b)Pharmaceutical Development centre

c)National Crisis Management

d)Food Security Meet

e)None of these


8.Recently, the International Monetary Fund approved a new 88 billion US dollar credit line for which of the following country_________________






9.Railway Ministry has introduced the facility for booking of railway tickets from railway counters through UPI, BHIM App.What is the abbreviation of BHIM?

a)Bharat Interconnected Money app

b)Bharat Interface for Money app

c)Bharat Initial and Makeover app

d)Bharat Improved Money app

e)None of these

10.ICC U19 World Cup 2018 will be held in________________


b)New Zealand





11.What is the theme of 2017 AIDS day_______________

a)Be Strong,2017

b)Matter of Health

c)Healthy Life

d)Spread Purity

e)Right to Health

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                                                                DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ : DECEMBER 1,2017