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1. What is the theme of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022 observed on 27 January?

a) Remembrance and beyond

b) Memory, dignity and justice

c) Holocaust education and remembrance for global justice

d) Holocaust remembrance: Demand and defend your human rights

e) Memory, dignity and education

2. Which of the following country did not participate in the first meeting of the India–Central Asia Summit?

a) Uzbekistan

b) Tajikistan

c) The Kyrgyz Republic

d) Pakistan

e) Turkmenistan

3. How many new districts are planned to be added in Andhra Pradesh?

a) 11

b) 12

c) 13

d) 16

e) 10

4. Which state government is set to establish India’s first graphene innovation centre?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Odisha

d) Gujarat

e) Punjab

5. Which of the following state government launched the ‘Grama One’ programme to offer services of various government departments in rural areas?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Odisha

d) Tamil Nadu

e) Andhra Pradesh

6. Which country has launched a commemorative logo to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic ties along with India?

a) Australia

b) France

c) Israel

d) Italy

e) China

7. What is the auction amount of overnight Variable Rate Repo (VRR) conducted by the Reserve Bank of India on 27 January 2022?

a) ₹75,000 crores

b) ₹750 crores

c) ₹7,500 crores

d) ₹15,000 crores

e) ₹25,000 crores

8. The Union Government approved the merger of Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank with Unity Small Finance Bank. Where is the headquarters of Unity Small Finance Bank?

a) New Delhi

b) Bengaluru

c) Kolkata

d) Mumbai

e) Chennai

9. What is the rank of India in the Corruption Perception Index of 2021 according to the report by Transparency International?

a) 82

b) 84

c) 85

d) 86

e) 89

10. Which of the following firm became the world’s second most valuable IT services brand according to the report by Brand Finance?

a) Wipro

b) Infosys

c) Tech Mahindra

d) Accenture

e) Tata Consultancy Services

11. Where did the Indian Navy conduct a twenty-day joint maritime exercise Paschim Lehar to validate operational plans of the Western Naval Command and enhance inter-service synergy among the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Indian Army and Indian Coast Guard?

a) The Indian Ocean

b) The Bay of Bengal

c) The Arabian Sea

d) The Arctic Ocean

e) The Pacific Ocean

12. Which of the following countries’ navies participated in the joint naval drill exercise named ‘CHIRU-2Q22’ in the Gulf of Oman?

a) Iran

b) China

c) Russia

d) France

e) All (a), (b) and (c)

13. What is the name of the world’s fastest artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer built by Meta (formerly Facebook)?

a) ASC

b) RSC

c) HSC

d) MSC


14. When did the Olympic gymnastic gold medallist Szilveszter Csollany (who passed away recently) receive the Hungarian Sportsman of the Year?

a) 1994

b) 1999

c) 2005

d) 2000

e) 2004

15. Which country has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with scope for cooperation in health research along with India?

a) Australia

b) France

c) Israel

d) Italy

e) China

16. Which of the following risk arises due to the movements in the exchange rates?

a) Credit risk

b) Market risk

c) Currency risk

d) Liquidity risk

e) Systematic risk

17. _____________________ means the sale or liquidation of assets by the government, usually central state public sector enterprises, projects or other fixed assets.

a) Inflation

b) Deflation

c) Collateral

d) Bancassurance

e) Disinvestment

18. Which of the following technology aims to reduce the scope of cheque fraud and cheque processing time?

a) National Electronic Funds Transfer

b) Real Time Gross Settlement

c) Cheque Truncation System

d) Unified Payments Interface

e) Prompt Corrective Action

19. Where is Mathikettan Shola National Park located?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Odisha

d) Tamil Nadu

e) Andhra Pradesh

20. What is the minimum paid-up capital of a small finance bank?

a) ₹ 200 crores

b) ₹100 crores

c) ₹150 crores

d) ₹50 crores

e) ₹500 crores

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: January 27, 2022