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Daily Current affairs is one of the most important topics to score marks in the Mains Exam of any Banking Exam. This will also act as a score booster in the Mains Exam. We are providing Current Affairs Quiz regularly in our Bankersdaily and you can also attend the Daily Current Affairs in the actual exam format which will also enhance your time. Check the Current Affairs Quiz of November 22, 2018.

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Review of the Quiz 

Q.1) Which International Financial Institution has signed a $200 Million Loan agreement with INDIA for improving Bihar’s State Highways?

a) World Bank

b) African Development Bank

c) Asian Development Bank

d) International Investment Bank

e) Nordic Investment Bank

Q.2) Bernardo Bertolucci who passed away recently, won the Academy Award for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay Award for which Film?

a) The Conformists

b) Little Buddha

c) The Sheltering Sky

d) The Dreamers

e) The Last Emperor

Q.3) When is the National Milk Day Observed?

a) November 27

b) November 28

c) November 26

d) November 25

e) November 29

Q.4) 4th Sunday of November, every year is observed as?

a) National Egg Day

b) National Senior Persons Day

c) National Evergreen Day

d) National Theatre Day

e) National NCC Day

Q.5) Who won the “2018 Syed Modi International Women’s Singles Title”?

a) Saina Nehwal

b) Han Yue

c) P.V. Sindhu

d) Sayaka Takahashi

e) Zhang Yiman

Q.6) Name the Whatsapp Chief Business Officer who quit Whatsapp recently?

a) Abhijit Bose

b) Neeraj Chopra

c) Chris Daniels

d) Neeraj Arora

e) Jan Koum

Q.7) Who will be replacing O.P Rawat as the Chief Election Commissioner from December 2, 2018?

a) Nasim Zaidi

b) Sunil Arora

c) Ak Jyoti

d) M.S. Gill

e) V.C. Sampath

Q.8) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has relaxed the norms for external commercial borrowings (ECBs) by reducing the mandatory hedging the provision to ______ from the Current 100%.

a) 60%

b) 70%

c) 80%

d) 90%

e) 75%

Q.9) Which US State has become the 1st state to accept the BITCOIN for Tax Payments?

a) New York

b) Ohio

c) Texas

d) Florida

e) Michigan

Q.10) Which two countries have amended their bilateral Double Taxation Avoidance
Agreement (DTAA) to prevent tax evasion through the exchange of information?

a) India & Russia

b) India & USA

c) India & Singapore

d) India & China

e) India & Malaysia

Q.11) Who unveiled the 70ft Tall Lord Buddha Statue in Lake Ghora Katora in Rajgir?

a) Naveen Patanaik

b) Aravind Kejriwal

c) Mamata Banerjee

d) Edapadi Palaniswamy

e) Nithish Kumar

Q.12) What is the theme of the National Festival for Children of Child Care Institutions (CCIs) – Hausla 2018” which was inaugurated recently in New Delhi?

a) Child Property

b) Child Humanely

c) Child Safety

d) Child Expectancy

e) Child Growth

Q.13) What is the constituency of Maneka Gandhi, Minister of Women and Child Development?

a)  Rampur

b) Pilibhit

c) Kairana

d) Meerut

e) Ghaziabad

Q.14) Syed Modi International World Tour Super 300 happened in which of the following City?

a) Ahmedabad

b) Lucknow

c) Chennai

d) Begaluru

e) Kolkata

Q.15) November 27 is being observed as?

a) Indian Cycling Day

b) Indian Constitution Day

c) Indian Motorcycle Day

d) Indian Organ Donation Day

e) Indian Milk Day

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