Data Interpretation based on Reliance Jio: From Economic Times

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We have created a new Case Studies data interpretation based on Economic Times. Take a look on the data given below and answer the questions from the given data.

This Data Interpretation is analyses various factors in telecommunication industry before Reliance Jio and After Reliance Jio Introduction.

D.1-5) Read the following information and answers the given questions

(Courtesy: Economic Times dated 05.09.2017)

Q.1) The number of wireless broadband subscribers during June 2017 is approximately what percentage more than the number of wireless broadband subscribers during August 2016?

a) 67%

b) 78%

c) 83%

d) 89%

e) 93%

Q.2) what is the increase in the number of 4G smart phones  during the period given in the data?

a) 72 million

b) 84 million

c) 96 million

d) 78 million

e) 85 million

Q.3) Post Jio (August 2017), the monthly Mobile data consumption is what percentage increase over the same before Jio (Till August 2016)?

a) 750%

b) 550%

c) 650%

d) 600%

e) 700%

Q.4) From the given data , which of the following statements is true?

a) Before Jio, the Roaming rates were low and Voice and data charges were high as compared to Post Jio

b) Post Jio Data tariff cost per GB is higher than, before Jio

c) Post Jio SIM activation time has increased as compared to before Jio

d) The earlier monthly mobile bill (Post-paid) on an average was more than the current one

e) None of these.

Q.5) From the data given, the percentage of 4G devices shipped earlier, is approximately what percentage of the same as on the first quarter of 2017?

a) 62.5

b) 72.5

c) 69.5

d) 78.5

e) 83.3


Q.1) c

Q.2) b

Required difference= 131- 47 = 84 million

Q.3) c

Q.4) d

option d is true.

Q.5) c

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