How to solve Cloze Test for IBPS PO 2017

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Some topics asked in the exams are inevitable and they determine the overall marks of the candidates in the exams. In every exams there has been a difference in the level of questions asked and there is also changes in the existing pattern for some of the topics , but some of the topic’s questions are used to us and even then it is difficult to crack those section in the exams. One such topics in English is the Cloze Test. We hope you can solve the New Pattern Cloze Test better after this.

SBI PO has set a standard for the Cloze tests and the other follows the standard , so we can expect the same level of difficulty for those questions in the forthcoming exams. You can expect the Cloze test in Mains as well as the prelims examination of every exam. The new pattern has been asked in the previous exams like SBI PO , SBI Clerk , IBPS PO , IBPS Clerk , IBPS RRB Officers , IBPS RRB Office Assistants , IBPS SO , SBI SO , Bank of Baroda PO , Syndicate Bank Po , RBI Grade B Officers , RBI Grade B Assistants , NABARD Officers, etc.

What is Cloze Test ?

A Cloze Test is certainly a passage provided with words like a reading comprehension passage wherein the difference lies in the missing words in the former. Yes , Cloze test consist of a passage which consist of missing words in between the passages of the defined structure , logical pattern and chronological order.

What is needed to Solve Cloze Test ?

It needs a strong command over the English Language , proficiency in the language and also unblemished grammtical skills to solve Cloze Test questions.

This will not be complete if there is no ways to decrypt the ways to solve the questions easily in the particular section. So let’s take a brief look on the ways to crack the Cloze Test questions easily.

What is the New Pattern Cloze Test ?

In the recent exams , new pattern for many topics have been asked. Cloze Test too had a change in the pattern and old and new ones are asked according to the level of difficulty. The difficulty level is not based on the patterns but the level of Questions.

Changes in the Cloze Test :

  • The passage contains blanks which already contain the words
  • No Change Required – A option is provided for every blank.
  • If the word that is provided in the blank is the best and correct one , the candidate choose , “No Changes Required “ as the option.
  • If the given option doesn’t suit the given sentence , the candidates are required to choose the best alternative among the other given options.

How to Solve Cloze Test ? – Tricks to solve Cloze Test Efficiently

Read and Interpret the passage

The first trick to crack the Cloze test efficiently is to read the whole passage of the Cloze Test at least once. Reading the whole passage gives you an advantage of decrypting the passage and to give you an idea about the passage. Peruse the whole passage and decipher the main theme of the passage which could be the key to crack the Cloze test. This forms the primary tip and trick to solve the Cloze test.

Identify the pattern

After reading the whole passage at least once , decipher the pattern in which the passage is written. Also do try to identify the tone of the passage and the passage pattern. Since the passage is a logically connected one , you may even get a way to find the answers for the missed words. Always do remember the given passage is not a different pattern of connected words but a coherent sentences connected in a structured way.

E.g :-

Our company has set up a foundation which is (1) to spreading literacy. To (2) to this cause the foundation has a project called ‘A Library for Every School’

The words which would fit the missing blanks are Dedicated and contribute. One can come to this conclusion by reading the passage once. Also look for the coherence between the sentences. So the probability of finding the best suited word is easier.

Once you understand the tone of the Cloze Test , search for the correct word which will be apt for the missing blank. The chose word for the blank should be the best fit for the missing blank , even though there can be words which are identical in meaning only one word will fit the blank, So it should be the apt and the best fit. Always remember the main rule of finding the tone and pattern in which it is told.

Discard the options

The best way to answer the Cloze test and even the fastest way is to eliminate or to discard the irrelevant options. Nowadays the options given in the Cloze test are unable to decipher, so the elimination option is the best way to choose the best.

Even if the other rules said above, didn’t give the best results, this will give the maximum choice of choosing the best one.

E.g :-

An old saying Strike while the iron is hot ——— (1) that , do the work at the right time

(a) threatens

(b) means

(c) fears

(d) imply

(e) naturally

Here in the example , We could easily eliminate the options like threatens and fears. As both options are opposite in meaning to the given sentence. The options which are very near to be selected as the answer are means and imply.

Choose the best according to the tone of the passage is what we have said above. So according to that , the sentence could have “Means” as the answer.

Means – intend to convey or refer to

Imply – to indicate or suggest without being explicitly stated

Because both are identical in meaning , but the best suited answer for that will be means.

Re Read the Passage again

The next thing to do is verify the answers by rereading the whole passage again and checking whether the passage corelates with the chosen answer. The passage has to be coherent and logically connected with all the sentences .

If you think that any of the chosen answer doesn’t correlates with the chosen answer , please check that particular blank again and choose the best option which logically connects the given sentences.

NOTE : If you are still confused and not able to pick between two or more words, pick the word that’s most frequently used with the word around the blank.

Tips & Tricks to score more in Cloze Test

  • As already said , one needs a strong command over the English Language , proficiency in the language and also unblemished grammatical skills to solve Cloze Test questions.
  • To get the strong command , one has to learn more and read more to acquire more words and the flow to read the passage faster.
  • The trick to solve it in fewer minutes is that , a candidate has to read the passage given in a faster way. Then one can have the comfort of checking the answers again during the exam.
  • Link the given sentences in a logical way , that will give you the best solution for the blanks provided.
  • It is advised that, the candidate should choose the option which is being used frequently in the words around the blank.
  • Read more. Read Newspaper , Quality articles , Blogs which are high in quality. Also learn new words everyday which will help to unravel the words behind the blanks.
  • At last practice is the key to crack a anything. Practice daily and solve more questions which will open the door to learn more words during the practice. Also it will help to quickly read the passage in a practically faster way.
  • Analyze your daily practice questions , so that you know the nuances of solving the cloze test in a structure way.

Try the new pattern cloze test and check you level of solving the questions which is based on the new pattern. If you could not decipher more than 5 questions from the given set , Don’t get disheartened , practice more.

Crack Cloze Test

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