IBPS CLERK Prelims Study Planner 2018-Problems on Ages/Time & Distance-Day 13

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Q.1) Four years ago ratio of the ages of P and Q is 5:8, at present R is two times of P. The difference between the ages of P and Q four years ago is 12 years. What is the ratio of their ages after 6 years?

a) 6:5:9

b) 9:5:6

c) 5:7:9

d) 4:5:6

e) 3:5:7

Q.2) Average ages of parents are 42years. If the age of son is included the average would be reduced by 10 years. If daughter is 4 years younger than son, then what is the total age of Son and Daughter?

a) 25 years

b) 26 years

c) 17 years

d) 18 years

e) 20 years

Q.3) Five years ago the ratio of ages of A to B is 4: 9 . Ratio of their ages after 10 years will be 9:14. Find the present age of B.

a) 17 years

b) 32 years

c) 27 years

d) 16 years

e) 25 years

Q.4) The sum of ages of A and B is 50 years and the ratio of their ages after 5 years is 7: 8; find the ratio of their ages after 9 years?

a) 6: 7

b) 8 :9

c) 4: 5

d) 2:3

e) 4: 7

Q.5) The ratio between the present age of A and B is 3:4. After 5 years, the age of A is 5 years less than the age of C. The present age of C is 20 years. Find the age of B before 5 years.

a) 20 years

b) 24 years

c) 18 years

d) 15 years

e) 25 years

Q.6) Vicky walks 2200 m every day except on Saturday. On Saturday, he walks 2500 m. How many kilometres of distance he walks in 1 month (Assuming month start from Sunday, and the month having 30 days).

a) 64.8 km

b) 66.2 km

c) 67.2 km

d) 71.4 km

e) 77.3 km

Q.7) A train covers 3300 km in two and a half days, if it covers 1250 km on the first day and 1450 km on the second day, what is the average speed of the remaining distance covered by the train?

a) 40 km/hr

b) 60 km/hr

c) 50 km/hr

d) 55 km/hr

e) 65 km/hr

Q.8) Two trains A and B are travelling in opposite direction towards each other at the speed of 50 km/hr and 60 km/hr respectively, and they cross each other in 18 seconds. If the length of the faster train is 50% more than the length of the slower train, find the length of the slower train.

a) 330 m

b) 550 m

c) 220 m

d) 110 m

e) 250 m

Q.9) Two trains A and B of equal length travelling at different speeds, crosses a tree in 18 sec and 24 sec respectively. Find the time taken by the faster train to overtake the slower train, when they are moving in the same direction.

a) 166 sec

b) 152 sec

c) 136 sec

d) 144 sec

e) Cannot be determined.

Q.10) A 380 m train crosses a tree in 19 sec, cross X m tunnel with the speed of 144 km/hr, and afterwards its speed was reduced to its original value and crosses a horizontal pole in 25 sec. If the length of the tunnel and the length of the horizontal pole is same. Find the time taken by the train to cross the tunnel.

a) 13 sec

b) 16.2 sec

c) 14.5 sec

d) 12.5 sec

e) 11.5 sec

Q.1) c

According to the question,

P:Q = 5:8 ,

At present P = 20+4=24 years, Q= 32+4=36 years

Q.2) e

Parents average age = 42

Average of parents and son = 32

Total ages = 32 X 3 = 96

Age of son = 96 – 84 = 12

Total ages of Son and daughter = 12 + (12 – 4) = 12 + 8 = 20years

Q.3) b



By solving the two equations, we get

A=17, B=32

Q.4) b

By solving (1) and (2), we get


A=23, B=27

Q.5) d

The present age of A = 20-5= 15 years

The present age of B

Required age = 20-5= 15 years

Q.6) c

Except Saturday in one month = 30 – 4 = 26

Required distance

Q.7) c

Total time = 2 and half a day = 24 + 24 + 12 = 60 hours

Average speed


Remaining part = 3300 – (1250+1450) = 600 km

Remaining time = 12 hours

Speed of remaining journey =

Q.8) c

Ratio between the length of faster and slower train = 150: 100= 3:2

From the question,

X= 110

Hence, length of slower train = 2 × 110 = 220 m

Q.9) d

Q.10) d

Let the length of the pole be x,


Let the time taken by the train to cross the tunnel be ‘t’

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