Important Idioms and Phrases for Upcoming SBI PO Exam – Part 5

121. The man in the street – An ordinary man (common man)

122. To catch up with – To compete with

123. Fight to the bitter end – To fight a losing battle

124. Throw down a glove – To accept defeat

125. Read between the lines – Understanding the hidden meaning

126. Let the cat out of the bag – To utter a secret carelessly or by mistake

127. To have Too many iron in the fire – To get engage in too many enterprises at the same time

128. Fall through – To fail

129. Cut one off, without a shilling – Disinheriting / To expel from fraternal property

130. To smell a rat – To suspect a trick

131. Turn a deaf ear – Disobey

132. Have the last laugh – To be victorious at the end of an argument

133. Red letter day – Happy and significant day (Gala day)

134. To blaze a trail – To lead the way as a pioneer

135. To beat a retreat – To run away in fear

136. To steer clear of – Avoid

137. To get one’s own back –To get one’s revenge

138. To run across – To meet by chance

139. A dark horse – An unforeseen competitor

140. Put up with – Endure

141. Got the sack – Dismissed from

142. Herculean task –A work requiring very great effort

143. By leaps and bounds – Rapidly

144. Helter-Skelter – In disorderly haste

145. Go to the winds – Disappear

146. Make ducks and drakes of – Squander

147. On the level – Honest and sincere

148. Done for – Ruined

149. Make a clean breast – Confess

150. To end in smoke – To come to nothing; no outcome