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IBPS RRB exam is slated to happening next month,As you all know that cracking Competitive Exams became a dream.But ,remember that Cracking Bank Exams is easy if you work smartly according to the Pattern of the Examination and with a smart study plan and preparation.Aspirants General Awareness Section is like “A Treasure in a Ruin”.

If you need to increase the overall cut off in the exam,Current Affairs Section helps us a lot.Today let’s see about “Paika Rebellion”-which shows the Patriotism and Courage of our Ancestors.

Introduction to Paika Rebellion:

The Paika Bidroha (rebellion) took place 40 years before the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny which is currently known as Indian Independence,Paika Rebellion took place in the year 1817,which is initially took place on Ghumsur (now Kandhamal) and spread to Banpur in Khurda, Pipili, Puri, Kujanga, Pattamundai and Keonjhar. Paikas, zamindars, malangis, peasants and tribals participated in the freedom struggle, he said. “It was truly a pluralistic people’s movement which transcended the boundaries of caste, creed and class.”

 Reason for Paika Rebellion: 

The Primary Reason for the Paika Rebellion is due to the increase in the Price of Salt and the East India Company had acquired the lands of the Paika’s which is given for them,for their Military Services   to the Kingdom of Khurda. Paika’s  act as Policeman during Peace Time in India and they act as Warriors during War time.

In Odisha and in the surrounding areas of the country, Paika Rebellion was a popular and powerful war against the British for independence. It is interesting to note that this year marks the 200th anniversary of the Paika Rebellion. The occasion is also being celebrated in the National Capital with the organization of a special event on July 20, 2017.

Now the rebellion has become a point of discussion as Naveen Patnaik, the present chief minister of Odisha, has put forth a demand in front of the Central Government to declare Paika Rebellion as the First War of Independence in India. The proposal has already been passed by the state cabinet.

“In the real sense, the rebellion of Khurda in 1817 is the first well organised rebellion against the British,” Ashok Chandra Panda claimed. “It would, indeed be a befitting tribute to declare Paika Rebellion as the first war of Independence on the occasion of 200 years of this historic event,” he added.

Possible Questions Taken from the above Article:

1)Who is the Present Chief Minister of Odisha?

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Naveen Patnaik


2)Who is the Culture Minister?

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Ashok Chandra Panda


3)When did Paika’s Rebellion held?

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