Puzzle Test For SBI PO : Set – 09

D.1 – 5) Study the following information and answer the questions given below it:

Six players Anisha,Anush,Abi,Arthi,Aravind and Ankit wear four different colours i.e yellow, white, blue, pink shirts and play four different games viz Badminton, Running, Table tennis, Shooting. Abi wears either yellow or white shirt. Aravind does not play Table tennis and person who play Shooting does not wear yellow shirt. Anisha neither wears white shirt nor play shooting and table tennis. Both of the Running players wear different colours of shirts but not wear pink shirt. Ankit plays Badminton. Badminton player does not wear yellow shirt, two players wear blue shirts and one wears pink. One player is in Table tennis and wears white, Arthi wears yellow shirt and badminton player does not wear blue shirt. Aravind is in shooting and wears blue while Anisha wears pink shirt. Not more than two players are in same game and wear same shirt.

1) Which of the game played and shirt worn by Anush?

a) Shooting and Blue

b) Table tennis and White

c) Running and Blue

d) Badminton and Yellow

e) None of these

2) Which of the following is the correct combination, according to the given data?

a) Aravind-blue-Running

b) Ankit-yellow-Badminton

c) Arthi-white-running

d) Anisha-pink-badminton

e) None of these

3) Which of the games played by two players except Running?

a) Badminton

b) Table tennis

c) Shooting

d) Badminton or Shooting

e) None of these

4) Which of the following shirt is wear by the player , who plays Table tennis?

a) Yellow

b) White

c) Blue

d) Pink

e) None of these

5) Which of the following shirts is worn by two players?

a) Blue and pink

b) Yellow and white

c) blue and yellow

d) white and blue

e) None of these


Name Game Colour
Anisha Badminton pink
Anush Running blue
Abi Table Tennis white
Aarthi Running yellow
Aravind Shooting blue
Ankit Badminton white
1 C
2 D
3 A
4 B
5 D



D. 6 – 10) Study the following information and answer the questions.

M, T, D, F, H, R and W are seven students studying in three different colleges G.L Bajaj, Galgotia and NIIT with at least two in each college. Each of them has a favourite subject i.e English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, not necessarily in the same order and each student plays a different games i.e. Chess, Table tennis, Lawn tennis, Football, Basketball, Cricket and Hockey, but not necessarily in the same order.

D’s favourite subject is Physics and studies in College Galgotia with only M and play Hockey. Person plays Football likes Biology. T plays Lawn tennis. H does not study in college G.L Bajaj and he likes English. F studies in College NIIT and does not like Mathematics also does not play Football and Basketball. Those who like Geography and Chemistry study in the same college. The one who play Table tennis does not study in college G.L Bajaj. W likes Biology and does not study in college G.L Bajaj. R does not study with H. R does not like Chemistry. M does not like History. The one who plays Cricket likes Mathematics. Person plays Basketball does not study in college NIIT.

6) What is M’s favourite subject?

a) Mathematics

b) Chemistry

c) Data inadequate

d) Geography

e) Other than those given as options

7) What is R’s favourite game?

a) Lawn tennis

b) Table tennis

c) Basketball

d) Chess

e) Other than those given as options

8) Which of the following groups of students studies in college NIIT?

a) FTR

b) FWR

c) FM

d) Data inadequate

e) Other than those given as options

9) What is F’s favourite game?

a) Cricket

b) Basketball

c) Hockey

d) Chess/Table tennis

e) Other than those given as options

10) Which of the following groups of students study in college G.L Bajaj?

a) TR

b) HR

c) HT

d) HF

e) Other than those given as options


Students Subject Sports College
M Maths Cricket Galgotia
T Chemistry Lawn tennis G.L.Balaji
D physics Hockey Galgotia
F History Table tennis/chess NIIT
H English Table tennis/chess NIIT
R Geography Basketball G.L.Balaji
W Biology Football NIIT


6 A
7 C
8 E
9 D
10 A