Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims 2016 : 2nd Slot

Over-all Analysis:

Section Level Good Attempts
 General English Moderate 16-21
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate 18-20
Reasoning Ability Easy-Moderate 19-20
Overall Moderate 53-58

The analysis is based on the review given by various students across the country. And here is the section wise review:


The important point in English language section is that it has to be attempted within limited time so that you are left with sufficient time for Quant and Reasoning. The level of English was moderate as it was in previous year PO prelims paper. There was only one Reading Comprehension on a quite familiar topic – Women Empowerment.

Topic No of Questions Level
 Reading Comprehension

(Women Empowerment Index in World)

10 Moderate
Cloze Test

(Technology Usage in Modern World)

5 Easy

(Insurance Company Related)

5 Difficult
 Error 5 Moderate
Double Fillers 5 Easy
Total 30 Moderate



This is a tough section as compared to the rest two sections. The quant was asked just as expected with difficulty level as easy to moderate. Overall the pattern was almost same as previous year. Arithmetic was a little difficult than other topics.


Topic No of Questions Level
 Number Series 5 Moderate-Difficult
Quadratic Equation 5 Easy
Data Interpretation

(Bar graph/Table)

10 Easy-Moderate
 Approximation 5 Easy
Arithmetic 10 Difficult
Total 35 Moderate

The level of reasoning was also moderate. With good accuracy students will score well. There were no coding decoding question asked in this slot and also there were no questions from Syllogism.

Topic No of Questions Level

(North South 8 People in same line/ Department and Persons/ Circular/ Boxes and their different colours)

20 Moderate- Difficult
Seating Arrangement

(6 Person sitting from top to bottom)

5 Difficult
Inequalities 5 Easy
Direction Sense 2 Easy
Blood Relation 3 Easy
Total 35 Moderate-Difficult


Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims 2nd July 2016 Shift 2

  1. Question on Cylinder and Volumes
  2. A box contains 10 red ball 6 green ball if 2 balls are drawn randomly what is the probability of getting non green ball ?
  3. A product is bought for 453 and loss is 58% more than profit occurred for buying a product for 7**. Profit for 40%?


Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims 2nd July 2016 Shift 2

Circular Seating Arrangement
People sitting in circle in and out fashion.


Seven persons, P, Q, R, S, T, U and V have a seminar but not necessarily in the same order, on seven different months (of the same year) namely January, February, March, June, August, October, December

Each of them also likes a different fruit namely Banana, Grapes, Papaya, Orange, Mango, Litchi Apple but not necessarily in the same order.

1) R has a seminar in a month which has less than 31 days.

2) Only two persons have a seminar between R and S.

3) The one who likes Banana has a seminar immediately before T.

4) Only one person has a seminar before the one who likes Papaya.

5) Q has a seminar immediately after the one who likes Papaya.

6) Only three persons have a seminar between Q and the one who likes Mango.

7) T likes neither Mango nor Papaya.

8) P has a seminar immediately before T.

9) V likes Apple.

10) The one who likes Grapes has a seminar in the month, which has less than 31 days.

11) The one who has a seminar in March does not like Orange.

Puzzle (Double Line Up)

Mathematical Inequalities
Direct Inequalities were asked, not coded

Blood Relations – Read the language of the question carefully as many hints are present in the question.

A is son of B. C is father of A and brother of D. E is mother of D. D is daughter of F. F has only one daughter. F is father of G.

1) If X is married to G, then how is X related to D? (Answer: Sister in law)

2) How is A related to E? (Answer: Grand son)

Note: No Coding- Decoding and Syllogisms Questions were asked.


Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims 2nd July 2016 Shift 2

Reading Comprehension (Social Issue based) – Open ended questions
Women empowerment  – Which option justifies the summary of 2nd paragraph.

Cloze Test (Social Issue Based)

Para jumble (Finance Based) : Economics – Stock Market

Error Spotting (Grammar Based)

Fill in the Blanks (Double Blanks)

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