Seating Arrangement For SBI PO : Set –  17

1- 5) Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below :

Twelve persons are sitting in two parallel lines in such a way that there are six persons in each row at equidistance . A,B,C,D,E and F are sitting in row-1 and they face towards east . P, Q, R, S, T and V are sitting in row -2 and they face towards West .One person of one row faces the other person of the other row P, Who is sitting at one of the ends of the row ,is second to the right of T . A does not Face P or T . A is third to the left of F . There are two persons between Q and V . There is only one person between C and D . C and D do not face P . B is neighbour of C . S, Who does not face D, is not the neighbour of Q.

1) Who are sitting at the extreme ends of the row ?

a) P, V

b) F , A

c) D , E

d) P , S

e) F , D

2) Which of the following statements is true about B ?

a) Q is the neighbour of that person Who faces B

b) C is not the immediate neighbour of B

c) E is second to the right of B

d) T faces C

e) B is second from the left end of the row

3) E is related to R in the same way as B related to S .In this pattern F is related to?

a) V

b) P

c) T

d) Q

e) R

4) How many persons are sitting between E and C ?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four

e) None

5) Who among the following faces F ?

a) Q

b) T

c) S

d) R

e) v




1 c
2 a
3 d
4 b
5 e

6 – 10) Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions.

Seven friends gathered for reunion are sitting in a circle named as Yasar, Renu, Rahul, Dinesh, Nele, Feroz and Gayle. Five of them are facing centre while two of them are facing opposite to centre. Rahul sits third to the left of Dinesh and both are facing centre. Nele is neither an immediate neighbours of Dinesh nor Rahul. The one who is sitting exactly between Dinesh and Feroz is facing opposite to centre. Gayle who is facing centre sits third to the right of Yasar. One of the renu’s neighbour is facing opposite to centre.

6) What is the position of Feroz with respect to Renu in clock wise direction?

a) Fourth to the left

b) Second to the right

c) Third to the right

d) Second to the left

e) Third to the left

7) Who is sitting to the immediate left of Nele?

a) Rahul

b) Gayle

c) Renu

d) Yasar

e) Feroz

8) If all the persons are asked to sit in a clockwise direction in an alphabetical order starting from Yasar, the position of how many will remain unchanged excluding Yasar?

a) Three

b) One

c) Two

d) None

e) Four

9) Who is sitting second to the left of Yasar?

a) Rahul

b) Nele

c) Feroz

d) Renu

e) Gayle

10) Which of the following pair represents persons facing opposite to the centre?

a) Yasar and Feroz

b) Nele and Feroz

c) Yasar and Nele

d) Cannot be determined

e) Rahul and Nelet



6 e
7 b
8 b
9 d
10 c