SSC CHSL TIER-1 Evening Shift Review

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REASONING No of Questions
Direction Test 3
Logical 3
Odd one out 2
matrix 1
Non verbal(Water & mirror image) 1
Number & Letter series 10
Syllogism 2
Blood Relation 2
Misc 1
Total 25

Reasoning Good Attempt(20-23) – Overall Easy

General Awareness No of Questions
Current Affairs 6
General Science 4
History 2
Geography 1
Polity 3
Economics 3
Static GK 6
Total 25

General Awareness Good Attempt (14-16) – Overall Moderate

Quantitative Aptitude No of Questions
Average 1
Speed and distance 1
Time & work 2
DI 2
Mensuration 4
Trigonometry 3
Algebra 3
Profit & Loss, percentage, SI&CI 5
Geometry 4
Total 25

Quantitative Aptitude Good Attempt Easy to Moderate (20-22)

English No of Questions
Idioms/Phrases 4
One Word Substitution 2
Spelling Check 2
Fill in the blanks 4
Sentence Improvement 2
Spotting Errors 4
Synonym/Antonym 4
Direct/Indirect 2
Cloze Test 3
Total 25

English Good Attempt (17-18) Moderate

Over all (75-81) Good attempt

1. When Emergency was declared in India ?

1975 to 1977 by Indira Gandhi

2. Per capita income- Per capita income or average income measures the average income earned per person in a given area (city, region, country, etc.) in a specified year.

3. Who founded Brahmo Samaj ?

Raja Ram Mohun Roy in 1828

4. Which is a Scalar Quatity?

Modulus of Elasticity

5. PPM Value of River’s water

6. With which State Haryana did not share the boundary?

Madhya Pradesh

7. Chemical Formula of Baking Soda is ?


8. Which metal remains in Liquid state at Room temperature

Hg (Mercury)

9. How many times, a person can become a Prime Minister of a Country ?

Any number of times

10. In which state Ellora and ajanta caves are located ?


11. Who made Barograph?

Alexander Cumming, a watchmaker and mechanic, has a claim to having made the first effective recording barograph in the 1760s using an aneroid cell.

12. Which is the Dwarf planet in Solar system ?


13. What is found as a pair in Atoms

Proton and Neutron

14. Who is the author of Arthashastra ?


15. 4 Bits Equals to ?

1 nibble.

16. For which theory Nobel Price 2016 for Economics is given ?

Contract theory

17. In which state, Bhavani Dam is located?

Tamil Nadu

18. Who is recently appointed as Unicef Goodwill Ambassador?

Priyanka Chopra

19. 1 Question is asked on Scientific name of Mammals?