Dear Bankersdaily Aspirants,

Hope , Your preparation for SBI Clerk & PO exam 2018 is good . Since SBI Clerk & PO exam is a Two level which will be conducted in an online mode, Competition will be higher for this SBI Clerk & PO Exam and the most important thing , Current affairs section will be there in this exam. So aspirants have to concentrate in Four sections namely Aptitude, Reasoning, English, Current Affairs.

The person with high speed and very good accuracy only can crack this exam to taste the success. The candidates will be selected on the basis of performance in this online exam test. So the candidate with consistent hard work and regular practice will crack the exam very easily.

Here are some questions which will help you to identify your level of preparation.

Exam: SBI  Clerk & PO Exam 2018

Topic: Time and Distance-2

Timing: 7 minutes

1) A car during its journey travels 35 minutes at a speed of 65 km/hr, another 56 minutes at the speed of 45 km/hr and 2 hours at the speed of 70km/hr. find its average?

a) 5 km/hr

b) 60km/hr

c) 5 km/hr

d) 5km/hr

e) None of these

2) A thief steals a motorcycle at 3.30am and drives it at 54kmph. The theft is discovered at 4am and the policeman sets off in another motorcycle at 72kmph. When will he overtake the thief?

a) 6 am

b) 30 am

c) 30am

d) 5am

e) None of these

3) A boy goes to his school from his house at a speed of 3 km/hr and returns at a speed of 2 km/hr. If he takes 5 hours in going and coming the distance between his house and school is

a) 3 km

b) 6 km

c) 8 km

d) 13 km

e) none of these

4) if a person walks at 14 km/hr instead of 10 km/hr, he would have walked 20 km more. The actual distance travelled by him is:

a) 52 km

b) 62 km

c) 50 km

d) 55 km

e) None of these

5.A student goes to school at a speed of 6 kmph and returns home at a speed of 4.5 kmph. If takes 10.5 hours in all, then how far is the school from his home?

a) 18 km

b) 21 km

c) 24 km

d) 27 km

e) 36 km

6) A car covers the distance of 660 meters in 30 rotations. Then the diameter of the wheel is?

a) 5 meters

b) 5 meters

c) 7 meters

d) 6 meters

e) 3 meters

7) Sonal runs 220 metres every day. How many kilometers will she run in 3 weeks?

a) 4.42

b) 5.62

c) 6.32

d) 4.62

e) None of these

8) A man travelled a distance of 30 km at the speed of 5 kmpl, another distance of 24 km at 2kmpl and further 30 km at speed of 3 kmpl. What is the approximately average speed of the total journey?

a) 6 km/hr

b) 2 km/hr

c) 4 km/hr

d) 3 km/hr

e) 5 km/hr

9) The average speed of a car is two-third the average speed of a train which travels 270 kms. in 3 hours. How much distance will the car cover in 5 hours?

a) 360 km

b) 420 km

c) 300 km

d) 180 km

e) None of these

10) The average speed of a bus is one-third the speed of a train. The train covers 1125 kms. in 15 hours. How much distance will the bus cover in 36 minutes?

a) 18 km

b) 75 km

c) 21 km

d) 12 km

e) None of these

Answer Key

1.c) 5 km/hr

2.b) 30 am

3.b) 6 km

4.c) 50 km

5.d) 27 km

6. c) 7 meters

7.d) 4.62

8. d) 3 km/hr

9. c) 300 km

10.e) None of these

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