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THE HINDU EDITORIAL – February 12, 2018, is one of the must-read section for the competitive exams like  NIACL AO Prelims Exam, IBPS SO Mains Exam. These topics are widely expected to be asked in the reading comprehension, Cloze Test or Error Detection in the forthcoming exams. So gear up your Exam preparation and learn new words daily.

A) A curious bid: on Thailand’s general election

The Thai general election will determine the military’s power in the new set-up

The rather unusual move by a member of Thailand’s royal family to announce a bid for the office of Prime Minister has ignited greater interest in the country’s general election. Ubolratana Rajakanya, King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s sister, subsequently had her nomination withdrawn — but the fact that the prospect drew a public disapproval from the King is an indication of how closely the palace is tracking the contest. The larger question concerning the March 24 poll is the prospect of Thailand’s credible return to civilian rule, after the 2014 military coup that deposed the government of Yingluck Shinawatra. The military general-turned-Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, is contesting as the candidate of the Palang Pracharat party, known for its pro-military and pro-palace leanings. The constitution drafted by his ruling National Council for Peace and Order, and ratified in a 2016 popular referendum, introduced a voting system that provides for a wholly nominated Upper House of Parliament and allotment of seats to army officers. King Vajiralongkorn had granted approval for its promulgation only after withholding some other controversial provisions. The March general election has been long overdue, as General Prayuth repeatedly deferred the dates since seizing power in 2014. Moreover, investigations into social media content from the new Future Forward party have added to worries about the junta silencing Opposition voices. While the bid to hand over power to an elected government may seem well-intended, the power given to the military in the legislature remains a concern.

Ms. Ubolratana had entered the fray with the Thai Raksa Chart party, which is linked to exiled former Prime Ministers, the telecommunications tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister Yingluck. The Shinawatras are perceived to be a challenge to the Bangkok elite, including the palace and the military. But despite being evicted from power in coups, they still hold sway among the predominantly rural electorate. Till now, the military had struggled to dent their chances sufficiently, and Mr. Shinawatra or his proxies won every election since the early 2000s. The new constitution ensures that the military will be a crucial determinant in a democratic transition. King Vajiralongkorn’s public response to his sister’s decision to contest the election may also affect the chances of Mr. Shinawatra’s party. Ms. Ubolratana had relinquished her royal title in the 1970s, but her candidature sparked speculation about an understanding between the palace and Mr. Shinawatra. The March election is being watched keenly across the region. The second largest economy in Southeast Asia, Thailand this year assumes the presidency of ASEAN, that sets a broad economic and political agenda for member-states. A number of them are so-called guided democracies, with a pre-eminent role for the military.

B)Welcome shift: on Muzaffarpur shelter home trial

The transfer of the Muzaffarpur shelter home trial to Delhi is a major step towards justice

The Supreme Court’s order transferring the trial in the Muzaffarpur shelter home case from Bihar to a court in Delhi is a welcome intervention to ensure justice for the children who were sexually exploited. The Central Bureau of Investigation had argued that the trial would not be fair if it was held in Muzaffarpur. In shifting it to a court notified under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act at Saket in Delhi, the apex court has once again demonstrated its lack of confidence in the Bihar government. It had transferred the investigation from the State police to the CBI. Later, it asked the agency to take over the probe in respect of 16 other shelter homes for children, destitute women and senior citizens. These interventions had become necessary, given the apparent apathy of the authorities in Bihar even after horrific instances of physical and sexual exploitation came to light last year. The Bihar government asked the Tata Institute of Social Sciences to audit the short-stay and shelter homes, run by non-governmental organisations but funded by the government. Last year, TISS came up with a damning report on the unsafe conditions in which children were staying in many shelter homes. The Muzaffarpur home was among the worst: many girls reported physical and sexual violence. More than 30 girls below 17 have been sexually assaulted.

However, the subsequent response of the State government has not inspired much confidence. Apart from some officials being suspended, and some of those involved arrested, the State government did not have much to show as stringent action. Its response came under adverse scrutiny. A Bench of the Supreme Court found that 11 FIRs mentioned only minor offences, that is, “the least serious” of the offences involved. In the Muzaffarpur case, the court took note of the clout of Brajesh Thakur, whose NGO ran the shelter home concerned. The girls in the shelter identified Chandrasekhar Verma, the husband of former Social Welfare Minister Manju Verma, as a frequent visitor. The Verma couple later surrendered to the authorities. It is disquieting and significant that the court had to order Thakur’s transfer to a prison in Patiala to prevent him from exerting his influence on the authorities in Bihar. The court is also separately monitoring the functioning of child care homes in Bihar. Meanwhile, it is high time that States bestowed sufficient attention to such institutions. A recent Central government committee report highlighted the shocking inadequacies in the facilities available at most child care institutions and homes. There is a strong case for a systematic scrutiny to be taken up on an urgent basis to address the problem.


1) ignited

Meaning : catch fire or cause to catch fire.

Synonyms : inflame

Antonyms : extinguish

Example : “furniture can give off lethal fumes when it ignites”

2) contest

Meaning : engage in competition to attain (a position of power)(v).

Tamil Meaning : போட்டி

Synonyms : challenge

Antonyms : peace

Example : “she declared her intention to contest the presidency”

3) concerning

Meaning : causing anxiety; worrying(adj).

Synonyms : burden

Antonyms : pastime

Example : “I find many of the comments very concerning”

4) deposed

Meaning : remove from office suddenly and forcefully(v).

Synonyms : demote

Antonyms : allow

Example : “he had been deposed by a military coup”

5) ratified

Meaning : sign or give formal consent to (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it officially valid(v).

Tamil Meaning : ஒப்புதல்

Synonyms : approve

Antonyms : deny

Example : “both countries were due to ratify the treaty by the end of the year”

6) promulgation

Meaning : promote or make widely known (an idea or cause)(v).

Synonyms : dissemination

Antonyms : concealment

Example : “these objectives have to be promulgated within the organization”

7) controversial

Meaning : giving rise or likely to give rise to controversy or public disagreement(adj).

Synonyms : disputed

Antonyms : certain

Example : “years of wrangling over a controversial bypass”

8) intended

Meaning : planned or meant(adj).

Tamil Meaning : நோக்கம்

Synonyms : contracted

Antonyms : unfixed

Example : “the intended victim escaped”

9) exiled

Meaning : (of a person) having been expelled and barred from one’s native country, typically for political or punitive reasons(adj)

Synonyms : displace

Antonyms : hold

Example : “supporters of the exiled king”

10) perceived

Meaning : become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand(v).

Tamil Meaning : உணரப்பட்ட

Synonyms : recognized

Example : “his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth”

11) despite

Meaning : contemptuous treatment or behaviour; outrage(n).

Tamil Meaning : போதிலும்

Synonyms : against

Antonyms : exalt

Example : “the despite done by him to the holy relics”

12) evicted

Meaning : expel (someone) from a property, especially with the support of the law(v).

Tamil Meaning : வெளியேற்றப்பட்ட

Synonyms : dismiss

Antonyms : hold

Example : “a single mother and her children have been evicted from their home”

13) predominant

Meaning : present as the strongest or main element(adj).

Tamil Meaning : முதன்மையானதாக

Synonyms : potent

Antonyms : inferior

Example : “the predominant colour was white”

14) dent

Meaning : a slight hollow in a hard even surface made by a blow or pressure(n).

Synonyms : incision

Antonyms : increase

Example : “there was a hideous dent in the front passenger door”

15) ensures

Meaning : make certain that (something) will occur or be the case(v).

Tamil Meaning : உறுதி

Synonyms : establish

Antonyms : endanger

Example : “the client must ensure that accurate records are kept”

16) determinant

Meaning : a factor which decisively affects the nature or outcome of something(n).

Tamil Meaning : நிர்ணயிக்கும்

Synonyms : final

Antonyms : exalt

Example : “pure force of will was the main determinant of his success”

17) relinquished

Meaning : voluntarily cease to keep or claim; give up.

Tamil Meaning : கைவிட

Synonyms : abandon

Antonyms : allow

Example : “he relinquished his managerial role to become chief executive”

18) eminent

Meaning : (of a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere(adj).

Tamil Meaning : சிறந்த

Synonyms : esteemed

Antonyms : obscure

Example : “one of the world’s most eminent statisticians”

19) sway

Meaning : move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backwards and forwards or from side to side(v).

Synonyms : amplitude

Antonyms : inability

Example : “he swayed slightly on his feet”

20) seizing

Meaning : a length of cord or rope used for fastening or tying(n).

Tamil Meaning : பறித்தார்

Synonyms : snatch

Antonyms : give

Example : “they prepared a great many seizings to tie the men with”

21) intervention

Meaning : the action or process of intervening(n).

Tamil Meaning : தலையீடு

Synonyms : interference

Example : “a high degree of state intervention in the economy”

22) exploited

Meaning : make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand(v).

Tamil Meaning : சுரண்டப்பட்ட

Synonyms : abused

Example : “the company was exploiting a legal loophole”

23) destitute

Meaning : extremely poor and lacking the means to provide for oneself(adj).

Synonyms : bankrupt

Antonyms : affluent

Example : “the charity cares for destitute children”

24) damning

Meaning : (of a circumstance or piece of evidence) strongly suggesting guilt or error(adj).

Synonyms : incriminating

Antonyms : blessing

Example : “I was innocent but the evidence was damning”

25) assaulted

Meaning : make a physical attack on(v).

Synonyms : abuse

Antonyms : decrease

Example : “he pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer”

26) stringent

Meaning : (of regulations, requirements, or conditions) strict, precise, and exacting(adj).

Tamil Meaning : கடுமையான

Synonyms : binding

Antonyms : amenable

Example : “stringent guidelines on air pollution”

27) scrutiny

Meaning : critical observation or examination(n).

Tamil Meaning : கண்காணிப்பின்

Synonyms : inquiry

Example : “every aspect of local government was placed under scrutiny

28) prevent

Meaning : keep (something) from happening(v).

Synonyms : avert

Antonyms : allow

Example : “action must be taken to prevent further accidents”

29) disquieting

Meaning : inducing feelings of anxiety or worry(adj).

Synonyms : annoying

Antonyms : calming

Example : “he found Jean’s gaze disquieting”

30) exerting

Meaning : apply or bring to bear (a force, influence, or quality)(v).

Synonyms : exercise

Antonyms : conceal

Example : “the moon exerts a force on the Earth”