Times and Work For SBI PO Set – 10

1)Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 30 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. Both the pipes are opened. Find when the second pipe B must be turned off so the cistern may just be full in 10 minutes?

a) 26 2/3 mins

b) 25 mins

c) 40 2/3 mins

d) 42 2/3 mins

e) None of these 

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2) If 10 men and 16 women work for 6 days  at the same work and the remaining work is done by 20 boys in 20 days, then find the number of days in which 12 boys will complete the whole work?

a) 54

b) 40

c) 36

d) 108

e) 64

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3) A mason can build a tank in 12 hours. After working for 6h,he took the help of a boy and finished the work in another 5 hours. The time that the boy will take alone to complete the work is

a) 30h

b) 45h

c) 48h

d) 60h

e) None of these 

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4) A man and a boy working together can complete a work in 24 days. If for the last 6 days, the man alone does the work, then it is completed in 26 days. How long will the boy take to complete the work alone?

a) 49

b) 62

c) 72

d) 96

e) None of these 

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5) Pipe A fills three times as fast as pipe B. When they are opened together they fill the cistern in a total time of 36mins. How much time will B take to fill the cistern alone?

a) 81mins

b) 144 mins

c) 108 mins

d) 192 mins

e) 105 mins

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6) A number of men can finish a work in 40 days. The same work can be done by 10 days less than the first case if 8 more men are added. Find the number of men who worked afterwards, that is in 30 days.

a) 18

b) 24

c) 20

d) 16

e) 32

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7) Taps A, B and C are connected to a water tank and the rate of flow of water from them is 42 liter/hr, 56 liter/hr and 48 liter/hr respectively. If tap A and B are filling the tank and C is emptying it and the tank gets filled in 16 hrs. What is the capacity of the tank?

a) 150

b) 960

c) 800

d) 1200

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8) Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 5 and 6 hours respectively. Pipe C can empty it in 12 hours. If all the three pipes are opened together, then the tank will be filled in:

a) 39/17 hours

b) 113/ 17 hours

c) 28/11 hours

d) 41/ 2 hours

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9) A tank is filled in 10 hours by three pipes A, B and C. The pipe C is twice as fast as B and B is twice as fast as A. How much time will pipe A alone take to fill the tank?

a) 70

b) 30

c) 35

d) 50

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10) A is thrice as good a workman as B, therefore, A is able to finish a piece of work in 60 days less than B. The time in days) in which they can do it working together is

a) 22 days

b) 22 1/2 days

c) 23 days

d) 23 1/2 days

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