Tips and Tricks to crack Reasoning section in IBPS PO Prelims 2017

Dear Banking Aspirant ,

There are hardly few days for the IBPS PO 2017 prelims exam and we hope you have devised the best strategy to crack the IBPS PO 2017. Since the patterns of the mains examination are changed this year, we can expect the  prelims to be the same as SBI PO 2017. You have to attempt maximum number of questions with utmost care and absolute speed and with great accuracy to be the best.

Reasoning is one section where aspirants can score marks easily expect some topics which are hard to crack but solvable. English and quantitative aptitude are the two sections which are difficult for some candidates ( For some ). Many aspirants find reasoning section as their scoring part and if chances are bright , this section may even provide those aspirants with half the total of the cut off marks from this section itself.

The only thing which comes in the way is time factor and only 60 mins are there to solve 100 questions from Quantitative , Reasoning and English sections. So you have to choose your own time frame to solve every section in the respective time of your devised strategy. Assume , you have devised a strategy of splitting the 60 mins as 20 mins for each section, then you have 20 mins to solve reasoning section of which , you have to solve 35 questions int he preliminary exams. So you have to solve the questions as much faster as you can , to score more. Remember this is the best scoring section out of the three ( if you have practiced well ).

Let’s see the easiest way to score more marks with less timings and lets discuss what are the questions you should attend and what are the sections you should avoid inorder to score more marks in the IBPS PO Prelims 2017.


S.NO TOPICS No.of Questions Difficulty Level
1 Puzzle – Floor Based 5 Moderate
2 Circular Seating Arrangement 5 Moderate
3 Linear Seating Arrangement 5 Moderate
4 Linear Arrangement – North South Based 5 Moderate – Difficult
5 Inequalities 5 Easy
6 Syllogism 5 Easy
7 Miscellaneous 10 Moderate


As you all know the sectional cutoff for each section will be less when compared to the overall cutoff. The 2016 cutoff marks for the reasoning section in IBPS PO Prelims was


Sections Max. Marks SC/ST/
Reasoning Ability 35 5.5 8.5


So to crack the reasoning sectional marks only less questions is enough but don’t restrict yourselves for that , because the overall cutoff was high last year and to score more than the overall cutoff , you have to score maximum in each section i.e. Higher than the individual sectional cutoff.


  • No coding Decoding Questions were asked last year , but you can expect the same this year , as the the next level of questions were asked from this topics in the recently held exams.
  • Puzzle and seating arrangements were the most difficult questions asked in the reasoning sections in the IBPS PO Prelims last year. It is not easy to crack but it can be solved but requires more time to find the solution. So if don’t even the touch this part first in this section , as it can take more of your time.
  • The Linear arrangement would be a easy one , but even there were tougher questions in the exams recently. Please don’t choose the questions that will be time consuming.
  • Inequalities , this will be the easiest one after syllogism. So you can attend this and syllogism (note the normal one and not reverse syllogism ) as your first choice of preference in attending in the reasoning section. This will be easier to score and will get you full marks.
  • Syllogism , another easier topic in this section. This could also fetch you full marks if you are strong in all the concepts pertaining to the positive and the negative statements. This is the easiest topic to score marks in the reasoning section.
  • Reverse syllogism questions take little more time than the normal ones , since a reverse process and methodology is used, so if reverse syllogism questions are asked , please take the miscellaneous questions in the first hand , as they are easier to solve and will fetch the required marks in less time.


  • Attend the questions that are easier to crack and if you find some questions time consuming , don’t hesitate to skip the question (You can always come to the questions back again (if time permits) ).
  • We recommend you to learn all the basic concepts in the reasoning section which will give you a strong presence in this section. Also when the questions are not difficult and in the easier one’s , it is easier to solve within the stipulated time.
  • The reasoning section tests your problem solving techniques and logical skills and solving abilities , so scoring matters and not finding solutions to all the questions. It takes constant practice to master each topic in this section. So solve more problems to gain an upper hand when difficult questions are asked.
  • Do attend topic wise tests to check your of solving a particular topic. If you are not good in a topic , learn the basics and attend some tests to check your proficiency in that particular topic , this will also allow you to solve maximum problems in almost all the different possibilities in that topic.
  • After you finish the individual topics , go for the Mock Tests, here you should see to the individual time you take for the entire reasoning section , since the total time is 60 minutes for the entire section , an aspirant cannot afford to spend maximum time in a section , if he/she wants to crack the overall cutoff marks.
  • Attend more than 20 questions with accuracy within 20 mins (the time factor for this section is based on your strategy ). Please avoid guess works , because there is negative marking for the wrong answers and it would also affect your accuracy. So answer only if you are 100% sure, No Guess works please.
  • Atlast , you don;t have to answer all the questions. This is a exam of 60 mins and you could solve only limited questions according to it. So even if you make slight mistake it may cost you of not getting selected. So be wise and attend the questions you are definite and leave the questions which you are not sure. Make the best with the known ones. You can clear the exam if you have the best strategy and solving capabilities.


We have started LEARN SERIES to enlighten you about the basics of all the topics in Quantitative Aptitude , Reasoning Ability and English Language. Please Click the link below to learn those topics.


We have been posting Quizzes regularly on different topics in the Planned IBPS PO 2017 Planner in the website. So if you haven’t looked at that , please click the below link to solve more topics from different sections which are in the same standard as asked in the previous SBI PO 2017 Exams. Since the exam pattern for this year IBPS PO too has been changed to the pattern of SBI PO 2017 ( We have been urging the aspirants to prepare for the IBPS PO exams on the basis of SBI PO 2017 and our planner is based on that pattern too with same level of difficulty). So your preparation has to be devised in such a way that even in a worse situation, your preparations should help you to crack the exams.


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