Vocab Master Day – 32

1) Terrestrial

Meaning: Earthy, worldly, earthbound

Example: Earth’s terrestrial biomes include areas such as deserts, taigas, and tropical rainforests.

2) Laggard

Meaning: layabout, lagger, slug

Example : There is always one laggard who comes in the theater after the movie has started.

3) Aghast

Meaning: horrified, in shock, wide-eyed,

shell-shocked, dismayed

Example: The teacher was aghast at the large number of students who failed the easy test.

4) Pristine

Meaning: immaculate, fresh, new, clean,

Example: The car has been restored to pristine condition.

5) Altercation

Meaning: Argument, quarrel, fight

Example: I had an altercation with the ticket collector

6) Onerous

Meaning: burdensome, heavy, awkward

Example: In the course of my research, it was so onerous a task

7) Wanton

Meaning: deliberate, malicious, spiteful,

vicious, evil

Example: She was typically a wanton woman.

8) Loquacious

Meaning: Talkative, wordy


Example: Never loquacious, Sarah was now totally lost for words

9) Mortify

Meaning: embarrass,abash, crush

Usage: Jansi was mortified to see her Pimples in the


10) Perdition

Meaning: damnation, eternal punishment

Example :she used her last banknote to buy herself a square meal before perdition