Vocab Master Day – 66

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1. Sojourn

Meaning: a temporary stay., stay somewhere temporarily.

Synonym: stay, visit, stop, stopover, residence;

Sentence: “her sojourn in Rome”


Meaning: bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative

Synonym: irascible, irritable

Antonym: good-natured, affable

Sentence: “he can be a cantankerous old fossil at times”


Meaning: showing a casual lack of concern

Synonym: nonchalant, untroubled, unworried,

Antonym: anxious, concerned

Sentence: “an insouciant shrug”

4. Sobriquet

Meaning: a person’s nickname.

Synonym: alias, byname, cognomen, epithet

Sentence: “she was a vast and haughty person who answered to

the sobriquet ‘Duchesse’”


Meaning: underhand, unscrupulous, or dishonest behaviour or


Synonym: trickery, swindling, fraudulence

Sentence: “a firm that investigates commercial skulduggery”


Meaning: able to move quickly and easily.

Synonym: acrobatic, dexterous, deft,

Antonym: clumsy, stiff, slow, dull

Sentence: “Ruth was as agile as a monkey”


Meaning: filled with horror or shock.

Synonym: horrified, appalled, astounded, amazed, dismayed,

Antonym: fearless, unafraid

Sentence: “she winced, aghast at his cruelty”

Sentence: “separating authentic and spurious claims”

8. Percussion

Meaning: musical instruments played by striking with the hand or

with a stick or beater, or by shaking, including drums, cymbals,

xylophones, gongs, bells, and rattles.

Synonym: crash, bang, smash, clash, bump

Sentence: “percussion instruments”

9. windfall

Meaning: a large amount of money that is won or received


Synonym: bonanza, jackpot,

Sentence: “members are to get an average £520 cash windfall for

voting ‘yes’ to the merger”


Meaning: showing great attention to detail or correct behaviour.

Synonym: meticulous, conscientious, careful, diligent, attentive,

Antonym: careless, easy-going, slapdash

Sentence: “he was punctilious in providing every amenity for his



Meaning: ostentatiously costly and luxurious.

Synonym: luxurious, sumptuous, palatial

Antonym: penniless, poor, impoverished, penurious

Sentence: “the opulent comfort of a limousine”


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