What to Prepare in banking Awareness 

  1. History of Banking in India, Nationalisation of Banks.
  2. RBI & It’s Role
  3. RBI’s Main Function
  4. Policy Rates
  5. Currency in India
  6. Nationalization of Banks
  7. NBFC
  8. Different kind of accounts and corresponding interest rates
  9. ATMs
  10. Non Performing Assets & SARFAESI Act
  11. about DICGC
  12. Financial Inclusion
  13. Types of Money/ Notes
  14. Priority Sector Lending
  15. Important Banking Terms
  16. Important Codes in Banking
  17. Taglines of Banks
  18. Head Quarters of Banks
  19. Economic Survey 2015, Railway Budget 2015
  20. Bancassurance
  21. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
  22. Banking Abbreviations, terms and concepts.
  23. Banking services: Assets, liabilities and working capital of a bank; NEFT; RTGS; Banking Correspondence
  24. BASEL norms
  25. Economic/ Financial terms & concepts: GDP; GNP; PPP; HDI; Inflation; WPI; CPI; IIP; SLR; CRR; Repo rate; Reverse Repo; Bank rate; Mutual Funds, Open Market Operations; Money supply
  26. Financial Inclusion and various initiatives for it.
  27. Foreign Exchange reserves of India.
  28. Non Banking Financial companies: Definition, Difference from bank
  29. NPA and SARFAESI
  30. Organizations:RBI; NABARD; Planning Commission; 5 year plans; Finance Commission; World Bank
  31. Priority Sector Lending.
  32. Reserve Bank of India’s role in Indian banking system.
  33. Reverse Mortgage Loans.
  34. Types of Markets, Money and banking instruments

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