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Daily Current affairs is one of the most important topics to score marks in the Mains Exam of any Banking Exam. This will also act as a score booster in the Mains Exam. We are providing Current Affairs Quiz regularly in our Bankersdaily and you can also attend the Daily Current Affairs in the actual exam format which will also enhance your time. Check the Current Affairs Quiz of December 30&31, 2018.

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Q.1) Which country is set to issue ‘Panda bond’ in Chinese currency?

a) Italy

b) Iran

c) France

d) Germany

e) Pakistan

Q.2) Which government has remarkably succeeded in increasing the state revenue generation in the past two years with the record revenue collection of Rs 1598.49 crore during the year 2017-18 ?

a) Arunachal Pradesh

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Maharashtra

e) Gujarat

Q.3) B.D Mishra is the Governor of which of the following state?

a) Arunachal Pradesh

b) Gujarat

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Maharashtra

e) Uttar Pradesh

Q.4) A 17-year old Indian-American teenager, Mahum Siddiqi has won the inaugural Digital Transformation Hackathon at ___for designing a device which can detect the actual level of pain of a patient during a diagnosis.

a) Alustin(USA)

b) New York(USA)

c) Angeles(USA)

d) Portland(USA)

e) None of these

Q.5) Sheikh Hasina elected as which country’s prime minister with a thumping majority, the country’s Election Commission announced?

a) Nepal

b) Bangladesh

c) Sri Lanka

d) Maldives

e) Bhutan

Q.6) Y.K. Sailas Thangal concurrently accredited as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of _____

a) Mali

b) Niger

c) Liberia

d) Cameroon

e) Ghana

Q.7) Which is the capital city of Somalia?

a) Mogadishu

b) Yerevan

c) Luanda

d) Tirana

e) Buenos Aires

Q.8) What is the currency of Somalia?

a) Dollar

b) Shilling

c) Shekel

d) Ringrit

e) Sterling

Q.9) Who has been appointed as the new chief information commissioner?

a) Sudhir Bhargava

b) Y.K. Sailas

c) Mahum Siddiqi

d) Pratap Shukla

e) None of these

Q.10) Smriti Mandhana named ICC women’s cricketer of the year.She belongs to which country?

a) Sri Lanka

b) India

c) Pakistan

d) Australia

e) Africa