DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ: May 11,12 & 13 , 2019

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Q.1) Which Helicopter model helicopter was formally handed over to the Indian Air Force at Boeing production facility in Mesa, Arizona, USA?

a) Italeri V-22 Osprey

b) Kitty Hawk KH80125

c) Revell 1:48

d) Apache Guardian

e) Airfix A55307 Westland

Q.2) UN to hold 2020 ocean conference in Which of the following cities?

a) London

b) New Delhi

c) Beijing

d) Moscow

e) Lisbon

Q.3) Which Nation has tested the World’s Fastest-ever Alfa-X Bullet Train Capable of Reaching 400 kmph?

a) Russia

b) France

c) Italy

d) Japan

e) China

Q.4) Which of the following Government has released the Global Health Security Strategy?

a) Russia

b) USA

c) China

d) Germany

e) Japan

Q.5) Who has been appointed as the new President of the United Nations General Assembly?

a) María Fernanda

b) Espinosa Garcés

c) Tijjani Mohammad Bande

d) Antonnio Gutteres

e) John King Savio

Q.6) Which Actor received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

a) Jeremy Corbyn

b) Anne Hathaway

c) Emilia Clarke

d) Benedict Cumberbatch

e) John Smith

Q.7) Who is set to be appointed Indian football team coach?

a) Albert Roca

b) Eelco Schattorie

c) Igor Stimac

d) Gianni De Biasi

e) Hakan Ericson

Q.8) Which Manchester City Football Legend has announced retirement from Football this season end?

a) sisoko

b) Auguerro Kun

c) Yaya Toure

d) Kamier Shchimel

e) Pepe Raina

Q.9) When is the World Migratory Bird Day Observed on?

a) Mat 8

b) may 10

c) May 11

d) May 13

e) may 14

Q.10) When is the National Technology Day Celebrated / Observed on?

a) 12th May

b) 9th May

c) 13th May

d) 7th May

e) 17th May

Q.11) What is the theme of the World Migratory Bird’s Day 2019?

a) Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution

b) Exploring Habitats

c) Why Birds Matter? The Benefits of Birds to Humans and Nature

d) Spread Your Wings for Bird Conservation

e) Go Wild Go BirdingQ

Q.12) YC Deveshwar  who died recently was the Chairman of which of the following Company?

a) ITC

b) Hero MotoCorp

c) TATA Motors

d) Dailmer

e) AXIS Bank

Q.13) What is the name of the Naval Exercise between India, Japan and USA?

a) Malabar

b) Indira

c) Vikranth


e) Golden Triangle

Q.14) Who won the Premier League Championship 2019 ?

a) Manchester City

b) Manchester United

c) Liverpool

d) Arsenal

e) New Castle United

Q.15) Where is the HQ of IEAE?

a) Vienna

b) London

c) Brussels

d) Washington D.C

e) New Delhi

Q.16) The World Trade Organisation (WTO) ministerial meeting of developing countries will begin in which of the following Countries?

a) Mumbai

b) New Delhi

c) Chennai

d) Bengaluru

e) Hyderabad

Q.17) Where will the 12th Ministerial Conference of the WTO will be held in 2020?



c) USA



Q.18) ISRO to launch which of the following Satellite from Sriharikota on May 22?

a) INSAT 18


c) EMISAT 19


e) HySIS

Q.19) India along with which of the following country has agreed to boost Indo-Pacific Co-Operation?

a) Indonesia

b) Japan

c) China

d) England

e) Iran

Q.20) India and which country is set to discuss ways to strengthen strategic partnership?

a) Japan

b) Russia

c) China

d) Vietnam

e) Magnolia

Q.21) Hanoi is the capital of which of the following country?

a) Japan

b) Tualau

c) Vietnam

d) Slovenia

e) Hungary

Q.22) Which Railways has signed contract agreement with Nepal to supply two 1600 HP DEMU train sets?

a) Southern Railways

b) Eastern Railways

c) Konkan Railways

d) Northern Railways

e) Western Railways

Q.23) Facebook chooses Which of the following city as base to develop WhatsApp’s mobile payments service?

a) Moscow

b) Washington D.C

c) London

d) Benn

e) Berlin

Q.24) Facebook recently acquired the Trademark ______ ” little known tax company for it’s secret crypto project?






Q.25) Subhash Chand appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the State of ?

a) Ghana

b) Ethiopia

c) Eritrea

d) Egypt

e) Swaziland

Q.26) Who was appointed as the Maharashtra Chief Secretary?

a) UPS Madan

b) Ajay Mehra

c) Dev Kumar Yadav

d) Ajoy Mehta

e) Poorna Kumar

Q.27)  Who has been awarded the 2019 McCain Institute Award for Courage and Leadership?

a) Deepak Mehra

b) Chhaya Sharma

c) Rehmita Poorna

d) Dimple devi

e) Yasodha Roopa Singh

Q.28) Who became the highest wicket-taking spinner in ODI?

a) Jhulan Goswami

b) Stefanie Taylor

c) Ellyse Perry

d) Sana Mir

e) Meghan Schutt

Q.29) When is the International Nurses Day Observed on?

a) May 8

b) May 9

c) May 10

d) May 11

e) May 12

Q.30) Hiralal Yadav who passed away recently was a famous ___?

a) Politician

b) Director

c) Sports Personality

d) Economist

e) Singer

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