General Awareness Questions asked in SBI CLERK Mains Exam – 2021 – Slot 1 & 2

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State Bank of India (SBI) is over and we know you would be expecting the General Awareness / Financial Awareness / Banking Awareness & Current Affairs Questions asked in the SBI CLERK Mains Exam 2021.

The same trend started in the recent exams where there will be more Banking Awareness, Financial Awareness & Static GK Questions which will be based on the recent Current Affairs and this was also followed in this SBI CLERK Mains Exam 2021.

Aspirants can find the Questions asked in the Financial Awareness, Banking Awareness & General Awareness Questions from the SBI CLERK Mains Exam 2021 – Slot 1 & 2 , October 1, 2021 from below.

  1. CREDAI is related to which filed? Real Estate
  2. Which bank launched a digital and contactless banking and retail stack for merchants called ‘Merchant Stack’? ICICI Bank
  3. Recurve is a term related to which game in 2020 tokyo oympics? Archery
  4. The International Olympic Committee has amended its “Faster, Higher, Stronger” motto to include the word ___________. Together
  5. Union Government launched TOPS scheme to groom young athletes for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics. What does P stand for? Podium
  6. Who has been the official sponsor of the Indian hockey teams since 2018? Odisha
  7. Ganymede is the largest and most massive of the Solar System’s moons. Which planet does it belong to? Jupiter
  8. What is the name of the NASA mission that is poised to send its first spacecraft to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids? Lucy
  9. Ola Electric Mobility tied up with which bank raised $100 million from Bank of Baroda (BoB) to partly finance the first phase of construction in Tamil Nadu? Bank of Baroda
  10. Which is the times most influential e-learning platform? Byjus
  11. What is the ATM penalty amount if ATMs run dry for over 10 hours is likely to be active from 1 October? Rs. 10,000
  12. How many percent of the average net profit of the preceding three years on CSR activities? 2%
  13. As per the annual report released by RBI the total insured deposits stood at ___50.9%___ percent f the assessable deposits.
  14. What is the overdraft limit of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana? Rs. 10000
  15. Which organisation release Equator price? UNDP
  16. Who is the highest borrower of RIDF? Odisha
  17. Which organisation is the implementation agency of the MSME Subvention Scheme? SIDBI
  18. Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) has been set-up in the year 1991 by ___________. Ministry of MSME.

19.When was Red Cross Day observed? May 8

  1. What is the rank of India in World Hunger Index? 94
  2. Which state has topped in the gender budgeting? Andhra Pradesh
  3. Which of the following organisation is not among the FMCG? Zomato
  4. Shiv Nadar,the founder of which tech company step down as MD. HCL technologies.
  5. World’s highest motorable road constructed by BRO at ______feet in Umling La Pass, located in eastern Ladakh. 19300
  6. NIRVIK scheme related to which field. EXPORT
  7. which company in collaboration with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Ministry of Education announced the launch of the AI For All initiative with the purpose of creating a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) for everyone in India. INTEL
  8. who is the first Indian to win two Olympics medal where PV sindu is the only Indian women to win two Olympics medal in Tokyo Olympics, Sushil kumar
  9. when did human rights activist Kailash Satyarthi receive noble peace prize? 2014
  10. which is the upcoming “ultra low-cost carrier”,airlines or ULCC, being launched by stock market investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Akasa
  11. where is hemis national park located? Ladakh
  12. N. Rangasamy sworn in as the chief minister of puducherry for the _______time Fourth
  13. What is the higher education enrollment ratio 27.1%
  14. The DEAF Scheme was established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 2014 for the promotion of depositors’ interest and for any other related purposes deemed necessary by the RBI. What does A stands for in DEAF? Awarnesss
  15. 34. About PSB Merger
  16. About PGI Index
  17. Which of the following introduced supace portal to deal with large amount of files or data ? supreme Court
  18. Which organization won nobel prize for its efforts to combat hunger ?world food programme
  19. Which city is set to get 24*7 tap water facility? Puri
  20. Which of the following has been renamed as magma fincorp? Poonawalla Fincorp
  21. Govt holds _______ stake in cigarette company, itc? 7.93%
  22. Where is bank note press located? dewas
  23. govt pension fundAll three
  24. Which of the following is NOT an insurance company in which the govt holds 51% or more shares?Navi General
  25. Who is the current economic advisor to pm?Bibek debroy
  26. Transfer of shares which act companies act 2013
  27. Ministry of MSME have included Wholesale and retail trade to extend the benefits of _________ to them. Priority sector lending
  28. Nono urea has been tested by Ramesh Raliya along with _______ IFFCO
  29. Which company acquired 43.3% stake in Tejas Network? Tata group
  30. Which country tested tested world’s fastest internet, 319 tbps speed ? Japan
  31. Periodic labour force survey period July 2019-June 2020

The SBI CLERK Mains Exam 2021 was in the moderate range and the aspirants who have given the SBI CLERK Mains  Exam 2021 will be able to check the results of the same one it is available in the forthcoming days.

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Q1. How many vacancies are there in SBI Clerk 2021 Exam?

A: SBI has announced 5354 Vacancies for the SBI CLERK Recruitment 2021.

Q2. When is the SBI CLERK Mains Exam 2021 conducted? 

A: The Exam Dates for the SBI CLERK Mains Exam 2021 were deferred until further notice and the same will be told to the students officially on the official website of the SBI careers page.

Q3: Are there negative markings in SBI CLERK Recruitment 2021? 

A: Yes. There is a negative marking in the SBI CLERK Recruitment 2021.