How to Clear Bank Exams : Part 6

Tips to Clear Comprehension

  1. Read the passage carefully. This is the basic of approaching. You need to read the comprehension very carefully. Do not read half and assume the rest (in case of lengthy paragraphs). For example, in a banking PO paper if certain views are passed on the present banking system DO NOT make the mistake of reading half the paragraph and assuming the rest. What you assume might be very much different than what is expected as answer.
  2. After 1stread, read the questions once. This is important. The questions will give you the idea from which part the questions are asked. If you do not know the exact answer to the question then you need to read that part of the passage again. It will make answering the questions easily and correctly.
  3. In the passage while reading you will find few words in bold. Make a note of those words. When you read the questions you will find questions relating to those words. Either synonyms or antonymswill be asked. If you do not know the word, read the line again. You will understand what the line is trying to convey and hence there is a possibility that the meaning (if not the exact dictionary meaning) will become clear to you and you will be able to answer its synonym or antonym.
  4. Usually another common question is to select a suitable title for the passage. For this you need to read and re-read the passage till the meaning is clear. We can hope that after 2 reads the meaning and the emotions of the passage somewhat becomes clear.
  5. The next common question is what is the author trying to convey through the passage or what is author’s take on the subject etc.Again, these questions will become clear on repeated reading of the passage. The options given in the answer will be very close to one another. Keeping that in mind you should be careful while marking your answer.

Different Approaches of Reading Comprehension

  1. PQ Approach(passage first, then the questions)
  • Read the entire passage thoroughly first and then read the questions
  • Skim & Scan through the passage and keep going back and forth with questions and passage
  • Read the first 2 paragraphs, scan all the questions and see what you can answer, then read Para 3 & 4, scan the questions and see what you can answer, then read Para 5& 6!!
  1. QP approach(questions first, then the passage)
  • Read all the questions with their answer options first and then the passage
  • Read question 1 with all the options, then go through the entire passage to answer it. Then read question 2, go through the entire passage. Then question 3!
  • Just read all the question stems, without reading the answer options. Then read the passage and try answering the questions by reading them with the options.

  1. Eliminate and not select: In most cases, elimination of choices work better than selection of choices. Here is an approach to eliminate which is‘BANE’. Eliminate choices that are too broad, too narrow, that are alien (Strange) and too extreme.
  2. 2.Never apply your own knowledgeto the given passage. Confine your understanding to the given passage only.