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The most awaited Interview season for the year has begun and everyone is eagerly waiting for the experience of different candidates who have appeared for the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer Interview. Crossing the mighty phases of the exam is really a tough process and many of the candidates have crossed that. It is really happy and elated moments for many of the candidates as they have crossed some of the intense competitions and preparations to be in the phase of the exams.

We have already posted a interview experience of two candidates who have attended the Interview from TamilNadu in the past days. When you check the questions asked in the interview, both the candidates have been asked different questions and entirely a different pattern. So check them out, to enrich your question sets.


Check the experiences of the candidates and you can gain experiences from it, also the nuances of the last phase of the IBPS RRB Scale I,II & III Officer. Please have a keen watch of the experiences, you can track some common thing which was, different panels have different questions to the candidates and the questions somewhat are repeated for some of the candidates. Excelling in the Interview and impressing the interviewers with the best answer is a difficult one and you should be prepared to find a more appropriate answer for the questions.

Interview Experience – Candidate 1


Name : Arun

Year : 2017

Date : 21st December, 2017

Panel Number : 4

Place of Interview : Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET) – Virudhunagar

  • The interviewers asked the questions Bilingually
  • The Panel had 2 Female and 3 Male Interviewers
  • The candidate has not been asked any technical questions

Q1. The Interview directly started with the self introduction but this time, since the panel member of the interviews are in a mix, the questions was asked in a different manner which was mentioned along with his name.

Answered Confidently.

Q2. Why did you choose banking after your Engineering degree ?

Since this was the expected question  and many interviewers will ask about the transfer of domains, this was mostly expected. Answered the Question.

Q3. The next question was very different , “Why didn’t you choose CA or commerce rather you choose banking any specific reasons other than the ones you have mentioned for the previous questions” ?

This was rather a twist in the questions and they demanded a direct convincing answer. Answered.

Q4. What is your Hobby ?


If you encounter such type of questions, be specific in your answers and don’t give a general answer which will save your from further questions about the same topic and your answer should interest the interviewers because the more convincing the answers, the more good impression it will make.

Q5. The next question was an expected one, ” Tell us something special about your place”?

Answered. This time more extensively.

Q6. Accordingly , until the previous question there weren’t much question regarding intense banking questions. It started now. ” What is the structure of Banks” ?


Q7. Since the last question was related to the banking, the next question had more relavance to the previous one,

“What do you know about Land Development bank”?


Q8. “Why RRB and why not other banks ? “


For this question, as many of the candidates would have even cleared IBPS Exams and who knows even other exams which the candidate could see as a better option. Have your own answer because trying something which wasn’t relevance will hurt your chances. Always have your own answer after the analysis of the questions and a deep thought.

Q9. The next question was rather interesting and it was rather simple, ” How many RRB’s are there ?”


Q10. The Next question was a direct one from the previous question which was also informative. “How many RRB banks out of the total RRB’s run profitably ?”


If you are going to tell answer with a number and with correct precision, you should definitely be confident of the answers. Be sure of that always.

Q11. The next question was one of the most expected questions and they are “What do you mean by BANKRUPTCY and INSOLVENCY ?”


Since this is one of the important question, you should be prepared for these type of questions and other such important banking questions.

Q12. “What do you mean by FRDI Bill and why was this bill in the news recently ?”



Our Bankersdaily Team has already posted about the FRDI before the interview, if you haven’t checked that please check it now from the below given links. Who knows even you can get that question in the recent IBPS RRB PO Interview.

Financial Resolution And Deposit Insurance (FRDI) Bill-2017


Q13. Can You Please Tell me the Different types of Yojanas, you know ?


Since there were many yojanas and the list goes on, you can select some of the important one’s for the answers.

Q14. So Banking questions were over with the previous question and the interviewers shifted to general questions which are related to banking. So the next question was ” Can Blind People Open a Bank Account? , What are the features available?”


Actually you have to know the procedures and conditions for differently abled persons to open a bank account.

Q15.  The next question was very interesting and it goes like ” Can the bank provide LOANS and other FINANCIAL FACILITIES to Cinema Industry, if so on what basis and what are the conditions to be followed? “

Q16. Since the candidate was a Civil Engineering Graduate , there was a question regarding that too which was ” What is M SAND? and will you suggest it to the common masses as an alternate to the present building standards ?”


Q17. So ultimately the interview was over with some of the questions remaining like

Which Institute have you studied for your Bank Exam Preparations ?

The candidate mentioned , he was a RACE Institute Student.


The interview was over with the questions from the preparations in the Institute. So the candidate have also mentioned that , overall the interview was in the easier front and a thorough preparation is needed because the number of vacancies has to be considered and also stated about the marks in the second phase which is the Mains Examination will decide the candidate’s progress in the exam.

Check the YouTube Video from our experts which is based on the Type of  Questions asked in the Interview process.


Thanks to RACE INSTITUTE students who are providing the updates about the interview and timely updates about the interview process. We wish the candidates who are attending the interview in the forthcoming days.

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