Important Idioms and Phrases for Upcoming SBI PO Exam – Part 6

151. To have something up one’s sleeve – Having a secret plan

152. To take to one’s heel – To run away

153. To turn a deaf ear – To be indifferent

154. At snail’s pace – To do things very slowly

155. To run one down – To disparage someone

156. To blow one’s own trumpet – To praise oneself

157. To face the music – To bear the consequences

158. To take someone to task – To scold someone

159. At one’s wit – Puzzled/Confused/Perplexed

160. At stake – In danger/ that can be lost or won depending on the success of a particular action

161. To play to the gallery – To behave in an exaggerated way to attract people’s attention

162. Read between the lines – Understand the hidden meaning

163. Sitting on the fence – Hesitating which side to take

164. No love lost between – Not on good terms

165. To have not a leg to stand on – Unable to prove or explain why something is reasonable

166. A man in the street – An ordinary person / common man

167. Blood running cold – Become very frightened

168. Playing to the gallery – Befooling the common man

169. Come out of one’s shell – To appear suddenly

170. Lay down arms – To surrender

171. Making hay while the sun shines – Taking advantage of a favorable opportunity

172. Blow one’s own trumpet – To praise oneself

173. Bear with – Support / To be patient with some body or something

174. Give vent to – To emphasize

175. Turn a deaf ear – Pay no attention

176. Bone of contention – Matter of dispute

177. Stand on own feet – To be independent

178. By fits and starts – Irregularly

179. Over head and ears – Completely

180. To call it a day – To conclude proceedings