Important Puzzle Questions For Reasoning Ability Section For IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017

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The Puzzle section was the definite question in the reasoning ability section in the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS Exam 2017 and you can check the review and analysis of the IBPS CLERK Prelims Exam 2017. It changed for various slots and the number of questions asked also varied.

So we can expect the same in the forthcoming batches too, here were are providing some questions to solve to entice your preparations for the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2017. You can get surely 5 marks or more questions which could boost your score to a different level.

Candidates can check the review of the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2017 from the given links which consists of all the reviews of all the slots. So this will be a great source of info and for your preparations, if you have the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2017 in the forthcoming days.

Review and Analysis of IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2017 – DAY 1

You can solve the questions given below to gain some practice for the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2017.

Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

A, B, D, J, Q, S and H live in a seven storeyed building. The lower most floor is numbered one and the top most floor is numbered seven. All the above information are not necessarily in the same order.
i. P lives one of the floor above S.
ii. J doesn’t live in a lowermost floor.
iii. Only two person live between J and H.
iv. Only three person live between B and Q.
v. A lives immediately above B.
vi. J lives immediately below Q

  1. Who lives on topmost floor?

a) A

b) P

c) H

d) Q

e) None of these

2. How many person(s) live between S and the person who lives on seventh floor?

a) Four

b) None

c) One

d) Two

e) Three

3. If we arrange the persons in an alphabetical order from top to bottom then who occupies on floor number four?

a) H

b) J

c) P

d) Q

e) S

4. H is related to P in a same way S is related to A then how is A related to which of the following person in a same way?

a) P

b) J

c) S

d) B


5. If P and S , J and B interchange their position with each other then who lives immediately above and immediately below Q respectively?

a) S and B

b) B and S

c) P and J

d) J and P

e) None of these

Q (6-10) Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below:

B, C, D, E, F and G are six friends living on different floors in the same building having six floors numbered one to six.The ground floor is numbered one, the floor above it is numbered two and so on.All of them have Cars of different Colours via– Brown, Black, Orange, Green, Blue and Red but not necessarily in the same order.

B and E live on the even number floor, and the colour of their Cars is Green and Red respectively. Three persons live on the floor between E and G. The one who lives on the first floor has brown colour Cars. The floor which B lives is below the floor on which E lives. The Car of the 5th floor is blue colour. The colour of F’s Car is Orange. D does not live immediate below of E’s floor.

6. Who amongst the following lives on the 4th floor?

a) Either B or C

b) D

c) B

d) Either C or D

e) None of these

7. Which of the following combination is true?

a) E – Fourth – Green

b) F – Third – Orange

c) D – Fifth – Brown

d) B – Fourth – Black

e) None of these

8. Which colour Cars is between blue car and black car?

a) Red and Orange

b) Brown and Green

c) Red

d) Brown

e) Green and Orange

9. On which of the following floor does C live?

a) Second

b) Third

c) Fourth

d) Fifth

e) Sixth

10.Which of the following statement is true with respect to D?

a) D lives on first floor

b) D lives on even floor

c) The colour of D’s Car is black

d) D lives immediate below of C

e) All are true

You can check the answers for the puzzle questions from the one given below. So if you got all the questions correct, you are in great form and keep going with the preparations for the IBPS CLERK PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION 2017 and also for the RBI ASSISTANT MAINS EXAMINATION 2017.

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Q.1) c








Q.2) e







Q.3) b







Q.4) d







Q.5) a







Q.6) c







Q.7) b







Q.8) e







Q.9) d







Q.10) a