Insurance Awareness capsule for LIC HFL Assistant manager & Assistants

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

Insurance Awareness is the important Section in General Awareness in Insurance Exams. In LIC HFL around 15 questions will be asked from this section.

This capsule covers all the basic concepts of Insurance Awareness.

  1. Basic Principles of Insurance
  2. The proposer or assured
  3. Agent and Broder
  4. Insured Peril
  5. Proximate Cause
  6. Reinstatement or Replacement Insurance
  7. Deductibles
  8. Co- insurance
  9. Insured responsible for Loss Minimization
  10. Riders
  11. Insurance Ombudsman
  12. Paid up Value
  13. Types of Life insurance policies
  14. About LIC
  15. Free look cancellation
  16. Health Insurance Policies

LIC HFL and UIIC Assistant mains Insurance Awareness Capsule – 2

Download Insurance Awareness capsule for LIC HFL – 1

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