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SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Study Planner Day – 15

Section : English Language

Topic : Sentence Improvement

Time: 10 Minutes

1) Subscribers who bought the Rs. 99 Prime membership with a plan of Rs. 303 or higher are entitled on get free services for three months from April 15.

a) are entitled in
b) is entitled to
c) is entitled in
d) are entitled to
e) No improvement is required

2) The arrival of Reliance Jio was followed with a consolidation in the industry, even as it spurred a fall in profits for rivals.

a) was followed on
b) was follow with
c) was followed by
d) was followed in
e) No improvement is required

3) A special memorandum of understanding on training in Bangladesh military personnel is also included on the agenda.

a) on training of
b) of training of
c) in training to
d) on training to
e) No improvement is required

4) Despite speculation in the past few years about the possibility of the Navy imposing a financial penalty on the shipyard, there has been no such decision yet.
a) Was being
b) Is being
c) Had being
d) Has being
e) No improvement is required

5) To encourage people with depression to overcome stigma and seek treatment, the World Health Organisation is focussed the illness this World Health Day.

a) is focussing to
b) is focussing on
c) is focussed to
d) is focusses on
e) No improvement is required

6) Aung San Suu Kyi has denied security forces have carry out ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

a) have carried in
b) have carried on
c) have carried out
d) have carried with
e) No improvement is required

7) The Ministry has targeted issuing a gazette notification set up the Rail Development Authority by April 15.

a) to set in
b) to set out
c) to set up
d) to set with
e) No improvement is required

8) Millions of vehicles have been recall across the globe due to defective safety airbags manufactured by Japan’s Takata Corp.

a) recalled across
b) recalled around
c) recalled in
d) recalled at
e) No improvement is required

9) The U.S. government’s new guidance for issued H-1B visa, which allows technology firms to hire skilled overseas workers, may lead to increased litigation, immigration lawyers said.

a) for issue
b) for issuing
c) with issuing
d) to issuing
e) No improvement is required

10) Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, is interested in pick up a stake in India’s biggest oil refinery being planned at Maharashtra.

a) for pick up
b) in picking out
c) in picking up
d) in picking in
e) No improvement is required

Solutions for the Above Questions :

1. D
4. E

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