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SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Study Planner Day – 8

Section : Quantitative Aptitude

Topic : Average – 2

Time: 20 Minutes

Q.1) Average cost of 4 ruled and 2 unruled notebooks is Rs.38. Average cost of 7 ruled and 8 un ruled note books is Rs.52, and Average cost of 5 ruled and 6 unruled notes is Rs.45. Find the total cost of 8 ruled and 8 un ruled note books.

a) Rs.815.5

b) Rs.751.5

c) Rs.715.5

d) Rs.810.5

e) None of these

Q.2) Sumith ate 70 dates in 1week. Each day he ate 2 more dates than those he ate on the earlier day. What is the average number of dates did he eat on the first, fourth and last day?

a) 13

b) 15

c) 10

d) 9

e) 11

Q.3) In a class room 410 cake pieces are distributed among some girls and boys. Total number of girls is 30. Each girl gets four pieces and each boy gets five pieces. Find the average number of boys and girls in the class room?

a) 58

b) 41

c) 52

d) 44

e) None of these

Q.4) The total salary paid to the 25 assembly workers is Rs. 237500. The foreman’s salary is 110% of the average salary of assembly workers salary. How much salary is paid to  the Foreman?

a) Rs.13100

b) Rs.12350

c) Rs. 11900

d) Rs. 10450

e) None of these

Q.5) In an R&D department, the average monthly salary of 21 Mentors and 5 TLs in a Govt exam coaching institute was Rs.4500. When one TL’s salary was Rs.11000 was replaced with a new TL, then the average salary of the department went down to Rs.4450. what is the salary of new TL?

a) Rs.9700

b) Rs.8500

c) Rs.10500

d) Rs.9000

e) Cannot be determined

Q.6) Renuka went to shop and buy a chocolate pocket. Renuka thought the chocolate pocket contain more than 90 chocolates but less than 100 chocolates. Her friend Ravi thought the chocolate pocket contained more than 85 chocolates but less than 95 chocolates and another friend Ramya saw a chocolate pocket and said it  cannot be more than 93 chocolates. If all are them are correct in their estimate, what is the average of different probable number of chocolate in the pocket?

a) 93

b) 91

c) 92

d) 89

e) 90

Q.7) The average monthly salary of four persons are A, B, C and D is Rs. 12000. If their salary are in the ratio of A to B is 2 : 5, B to C is 5 : 1 and C to D  is 1 : 4, then what is average salary of B and D?

a) Rs.16000

b) Rs.17500

c) Rs.18000

d) Rs. 19000

e) 21000

Q.8) The sum of cube of two positive numbers is 728 and difference between their cubes is 296. Find the average of two numbers?

a) 6

b) 7

c) 14

d) 19

e) 11

Q.9) The average weight of W, X and Y is 46 kg. If Z  replaced W. The average would be 52 kg and if Z replaced X, the average would be 56 kg, If Z  replaced Y, the average would be 48 kg. What is average weight of W, Y and Z?

a) 60 kg

b) 52 kg

c) 48 kg

d) 56 kg

e) None of these

Q.10) The average weight of 19 boxes of apple is 11.5 kg, a box is added increasing the average weight by 400 g. What is the weight of new box?

a) 20.5 kg

b) 19.5 kg

c) 21 kg

d) 18.4 kg

e) None of these


Q.11) The average age of the husband and the wife is 27 years when they got married 6 years ago. But now the average age of husband, wife & child was 24 years. How old is the child now?

a) 6 yrs

b) 7yrs

c) 8yrs

d) 9yrs

e) 5yrs

Q.12) The average of height of the students in a class was 180cm. When 5 student’s whose average height is 146.4cm are newly admitted The average height of the class was reduced by 12cm. How many students are present in the class?

a) 9

b) 5

c) 13

d) 14

e) 10

Q.13) Find the average of even numbers between 251 & 401?

a) 320

b) 322

c) 324

d) 326

e) 328

Q.14) Arun married 7 years ago at the age of 30 years. His wife’s present ageis 33years. If 8 years later from marriage the average age of Arun, his wife and their son was 30 years, then what is son’s present age?

a) 5yr

b) 4yrs

c) 3yrs

d) 2yrs

e) None of these

Q.15) The average score of a cricketer for 11 matches is 44 runs. If the average for the first 6 matches is 42, then find the average for the last 5 matches is,

a) 42.8 runs

b) 46.4 runs

c) 48.2 runs

d) 50 runs

e) None of these

Q.16) The average scores of a group of students in a test is 142. The 23% of student’s average score is 126 and 51% of student’s average score is150. Then find the average score of remaining 26% of students approximately,

a) 134

b) 136

c) 140

d) 142

e) 144

Q.17) In the first 15 over’s of a cricket game, the run rate was only 8. What should be the run rate in the remaining 35over’s to reach the target of 557.5 runs?

a) 12.5 runs per over

b) 14 runs per over

c) 10.6 runs per over

d) 13.5 runs per over

e) None of these

Q.18) The average weight of three boys A, B and C is 75 kg, while the average weight of three boys B, D and E is 102 kg. What is the average weight of A, B, C, D and E?

a) 78kg

b) 80 kg

c) 82kg

d) Data inadequate

e) None of these

Q.19) The average age of A and B is 24 years. If C replaced A, the average would be 20 and if C replaced by B, the average would be 22. What are the ages of A, B and C respectively?

a) 18, 26, 22

b) 22, 16, 26

c) 26, 18, 22

d) 26, 22, 18

e) None of these

Q.20) The average weight of 12 men is decreased by 6 kg when one of them weighing 250 kg is replaced by another person. This new person is again replaced by another person whose weight is 34 kg lower than the person he replaced What is the overall change in the average due to these dual changes?

a) 6kg

b) 12kg

c) 18kg

d) 20kg

e) None of these


Solutions for the above Questions:

  1. (b)

Sum of cost of 4 ruled and 2 unruled note=6×38=Rs.228

Sum of cost of 7 ruled and 8 unruled note=15×52=Rs.780

Sum of cost of 5 ruled and 6 unruled note=11×45=Rs.495

Total cost of 16 ruled and 16 unruled note=228+780+495=Rs.1503

Total cost of 8 ruled and 8 unruled notes=1503/2=Rs.751.5


  1. (c)

Let number of Dates eaten on the first day x,




First day=4

Fourth day=x+6=10

Last day=x+12=16

Average number of dates=30/3=10 dates

  1. (d)

Sum of cake pieces girls have=30×4=120

Number of boys=30×4+x×5=410


Average number of boys and girls in the class= (30+58)/2=44

  1. (d)

Average salary of Assembly members=237500/25=9500

Foreman salary=9500×110/100=Rs.10450

  1. (a)

The average salary dropped by Rs.50 for 26 of them, therefore the overall salary has dropped by,


The new TL’s salary should be Rs.1300 less than the old TL’s Salary=11000-1300=Rs.9700

  1. (c)

Number of chocolate = x

According to Renuka,


According to Ravi,


According to Ramya,


The value Satisfy all the above conditions are 91, 92 and 93.

The average is 92 chocolates in a pocket.

Required average=(91+92+93)/3=276/3=92 chocolates


  1. (c)

Ratio=2 : 5: 1 : 4

Let their salary=2x+5x+x+4x=12000×4


B’s salary=5×4000=20000

D’s salary=4×4000=16000

Average salary of B and D=verage salary of B and D=36000/2=Rs.18000


  1. (b)

According to the Question,



Solve the above two equations, we get

x=8 and y= 6

Average of two numbers= (8+6)/2=7


  1. (d)

Total weight of W, X &Y=46×3=138——(1)

Total weight of X, Y and Z=52×3=156—–(2)

Total weight of W, Y and Z=56×3=168——(3)

Total weight of W, X and Z=48×3=144——(4)

From 1, 2, 3 and 4,

W+X+Y+Z=202——— (5)

From 1& 5, Z=64 kg

From 2& 5, W=46 kg

From 3& 5, X=34 kg

From 4& 5, Y=58 kg

Average weight of W, Y and Z=168/3=56 kg


  1. (b)

Total weight of 19 boxes=19×11.5=218.5 kg

New average=11.5+0.4=11.9 kg

Total weight of 20 boxes=20×11.9=238 kg

The weight of new box=238-218.5=19.5 kg


  1. a)

The total age of husband & wife now = (27×2)+(6×2)= 66 yrs

Total age of husband, wife & child now = 24 × 3 = 72 yrs

Age of child = 72 – 66 = 6 yrs



  1. d)

Let the number of students initially in the class be N

(1)àThen, total Height = N × 180 ——————-(1)

Again the no of students increased = N + 5

(2)àThen, total height N + 5 students = (N+5)× 168 ———-(2)

(3)àThe total height of 5 new students = 5 × 146.4 = 732cm. –(3)

From 1,2 & 3,

(N + 5)×168 – 732 = N × 180

168N +840 – 732 = 180N => N = 9

Therefore , number of students in class = 9 + 5 = 14



  1. d)

No of even numbers below 401 = 200

No of even numbers below 251 = 125

No of even numbers between 251 & 401 = 75

Sum of first N even numbers = N(N+1)

Sum of even number between 251 & 401=[200(200+1) ]–[125(125+1) ]=24450

Average of even numbers between 251 & 401 = 24450/75 = 326


  1. b)

Arun’s present age = 37 yrs

Total age of family after 8 yrs from marriage = 30 × 3 = 90

Present age Arun & his wife = 37+33 = 70 yrs

Present age of arun, his wife & his son = 90 – 8×3 = 66

Present age of son = 70-66 = 4yrs.


  1. b)

Total score of cricketer for 11 matches = 11×44 = 484 runs

Total score of cricketer for first 6 matches = 6 × 42 = 252 runs

the average for the last 5 matches = (484-252)/5=46.



  1. C)

Let the number students be 100,


100×142 = 23×126 + 51×150 + 26×X

26X = 14200 – 2898 – 7650 => X = 140.4 = 140(Approx)


  1. a)

Total runs scored in first 15 overs = 120

Remaining runs to be scored = 557.5 – 120 = 437.5 runs

Run rate in 35 overs = 437.5/35 = 12.5 runs



  1. d)

Total weight of (A + B + C)= (75 × 3)= 225 kg.

Total weight of (B + D + E)= (102 × 3)kg = 306 kg

Adding both, we get: A + 2B + C + D + E = 225 + 306 kg = 531 kg

So, to find the average weight of A, B, C, D and E, we ought to know B’s weight, which is not given.

So, the data is inadequate.


  1. d)

Total age of A & (1)àB = 24 × 2 = 48 yrs —(1)

Total age of B & (2)àC = 20 × 2 = 40 yrs —(2)

Total age of A & (3)àC = 22 × 2 = 44 yrs —-(3)

From 1,2 & 3,

(4)àA + B+ C = 66 —————————(4)

From 1& 4, C= 18

From 2& 4, A= 26

From 3& 4, B= 22


  1. (C)

Let the average weight of 12 persons be X kg and the weights of the persons, entered the group for the

first time and second time be (P)and (P-34)kg respectively,

From the question,

(12X-250+P)/12 =X-6 => P=178

Another person (P-34)= 178 – 34 = 144

(12X-144)/12 =X-r => r=12

Therefore the overall change = 6 + 12 =18kg

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