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The SBI CLERK Prelims Exam 2018 is one of the important exam and we know you would be searching for the correct planner to devise your strategy. Since the exam pattern is changed , you would have been puzzled about how to study for the exam and make your preparations in the right way. Don’t fret and prepare as you wish but go in the right direction.

The Preliminary Examination of the SBI CLERK 2018 will happen in March/April , so you have to gear up your preparations in the right way to score more in the exams. So attend Daily Quizzes which will enrich your preparations and study and learn new topics which will help you for the exams.

Our Team will be providing the Daily Quizzes on various topics which were based on the previous exams and new pattern questions. This will help you to crack the exam and to achieve your goal. So attend and take the best result which could guide you to find the key of your dreams.

SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Study Planner Day – 8

Section : English Language

Topic : Double Fillers (Old Pattern)

Time: 10 Minutes

Each Question has been labelled with five options and you have to chose the one’s which best suit the blanks and fill both the blanks.



  1. He preaches liberal views but in practice, he is not _______ and is ____ narrow minded than almost any other person

(a) tough, openly

(b) tolerant, more

(c) ambitious, hardly

(d) acceptable, genuinely

(e) approachable, less


  1. Ravi _____ a bit ______ he was not invited by his friend to attend the party.

(a) annoyed, before

(b) angered, since

(c) expressed, than

(d) grumbled, when

(e) surprised, about


  1. He is _____ to _____any kind of work with due sincerity.

(a) fond, perform

(b) reluctant, entrust

(c) determined, undertake

(d) eager, avoid

(e) willing, ignore


  1. Children are more ____ than adults, it is _______ their quickness in learning a new language.

(a) intelligent, disproved by

(b) adaptable, reflected in

(c) conservative, seen in

(d) susceptible, demonstrated in

(e) resourceful, proportionate to

  1. _______ of crops was due to continuous_______

(a) loss, draught

(b) ruin, draft

(c) failure, drought

(d) depreciation, drift

(e) none of these


  1. Prabha’s _____ in athletics yielded rich ______ as she got a scholarship.

(a) performance, money

(b) defeat, results

(c) behavior, appreciation

(d) excellence, dividends

(e) failure, disappointment


  1. the police _______ any attempt of arson by ______ at the trouble spot quite in time.

(a) squashed, surrounding

(b) made, encircling

(c) predisposed, visiting

(d) thwarted, presenting

(e) pre-empted, arriving

  1. The ________ imposed for non-payment was too _______ for it to bring in improvement in collection.

(a) fine, serve

(b) toll, simple

(c) penalty, low

(d) damage, cruel

(e) punishment, harsh

  1. Somesh______ me coming to his table, he smiled and_____ me a chair.

(a) found, signaled

(b) met, sat

(c) looked, gave

(d) saw, offered

(e) welcomed, took

  1. The leader were _______ needed by those to _____ they addressed.

(a) angrily, who

(b) readily, which

(c) scarcely, whom

(d) rarely, where

(e) Surely, Who

Solutions for the Above Questions:

  1. (b) tolerant, more
  2. (d) grumbled, when
  3. (c) determined, undertake
  4. (b) adaptable, reflected in
  5. (c) failure, drought
  6. (d) excellence, dividends
  7. (e) pre-empted, arriving
  8. (c) penalty, low
  9. (d) saw, offered
  10. (c) scarcely, whom

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