Crack IBPS PO : data interpretation : Aptitude day 59

D.1-5) Automobiles produced by Tata Motors for a period of five years and its exports to various countries as given below.

Automobiles produced and stock in thousands is shown below:-

Export done by Tata Motors to various countries in percentage:-

1) What is the total number of exports to France, from 2001 to 2005?

A) 15,270

B) 17,170

C) 15,170

D) 20,275

E) 18,245

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2) In 2006 all the five countries reduced import of Tata Motors by 25% comparing to previous year. So by how much percentage the company must reduce its production in 2006 comparing to previous year. So, the company can maintain the same stock in 2005 & 2006.

A) 20 2/3

B) 18 2/3

C) 22 2/3

D) 16 2/3

E) None of these

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3) The stock in 2000 is equal to export for Germany in 2001, which is one-sixteenth of production in 2000. What percentage of export decreased in 2001, when compared to 2000?

A) 20.47%

B) 22.65%

C) 24.87%

D) 23.47%

E) 21.57%

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4) What percentage of export to UK in 2003 when compared to previous year? (Find the Approximate value).

A) 50 %

B) 52 %

C) 54%

D) 56%

E) None of these.

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5) What is the ratio between export to US in 2001 & 2003 to export to Russia in 2002 & 2004?

A) 129 : 154

B) 154 : 129

C) 125 : 137

D) 229 : 154

E) None of these.

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D.6-10) The graph below shows the number of article purchased and marked price of each article.

6) If CP of 5 Pens is equal to CP of 10 Notes. If the man makes a profit of Rs.350 after selling all the notes by giving 10% discount on each note. Find the CP of 7 pens?

A) Rs 400

B) Rs 800

C) Rs 80

D) Rs 560

E) Rs 360

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7) After purchasing all the toys the man saw few toys were get damaged. So he decided to sell the damaged toys by giving two successive discounts of 15% & 25% and remaining toys at the MP itself. After selling all the toys there is neither a profit nor loss occurs. Find the number of toys that are not damaged if CP of each toy is Rs.310.

A) 18

B) 16

C) 11

D) 10

E) None of these

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8) A man went for shopping to buy 20 chairs with Rs. X with him but he was offered only Y (i.e. Y<20) chairs with the MP for the amount what he had. So after bargaining he was offered 20% discount on each chairs so that he can able to buy 20 chairs. Find the value of Y ?

A) 18

B) 14

C) 15

D) 16

E) 12

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9) If CP of 6 Table is equal to SP of 5 Table. Then the profit earned by seller on selling all 35 tables is Rs.1, 260. Find the discount offered by the seller on tables?

A) 18%

B) 28%

C) 20%

D) 26%

E) Cannot be determined.

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10) Find the ratio between SP of 22 toys with two successive discounts of 37% & 10% and SP of 33 notes with two successive discounts of 20% & 16%?

A) 10 : 2

B) 2 : 5

C) 9 : 2

D) 3 : 8

E) None of these

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