To get appointed to a cherished post is an awesome endeavour. Here are the Attributes expected of you from the interviewers. All starting with the Alphabet ‘A’.

1. APPEARANCE – The way in which you dress, the manner by which you impress upon the Board. “The first impression is the best impression” -the theme you should  always keep in your mind.

2. ATTITUDE – The level of confidence and competence that you possess is revealed by this.

3. APTITUDE Your natural ability or skill for a particular type of  work or job.

4. ALERTNESS – Quick to understand a situation or a question that is raised all too sudden.

5. ALACRITY – Speed and eagerness to engage yourself in the deliberations.

6. ANIMATION – Enthusiasm and energy that is expected of an interviewee.

7. ASSERTIVENESS The emphatic way in which your point of view is effectively injected into the minds of the interviewers.

8. AFFABILITY – Your ability to put yourself in a position where the interviewer gets himself interested in dealing with you in a very friendly way.

9. AMIABILITY – A behaviour that’s pleasant and pleasing to others.

10. AUTHENTICITY –  The depth of reality of or  actuality in your answers.

11.  ADHERENCE – Matters relating to your punctuality and subjecting yourself to the rules and regulations or terms and conditions.

12. ASSIDUOUSNESS – Care and attention to the details in your answers and the appropriate technical words that you choose to convey your opinions.

13. APPEAL – A mystic magnetism that captures the minds of the other.

14. ARTICULATION – The ability to express one’s thoughts and ideas in a very powerful yet cheerful way.

15. ALMIGHTY – All said and done, the Act of God is the ultimate deciding factor.