AAYKAR SETU-Mobile App Launched

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   ” Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all. 

Aspirants, to become a successful banker we should keep on updating ourselves whenever there is an opportunity.Today is the day to get updated about AAYKAR SETU. I think you would have heard about it, if not lets us discuss about it.


AAYKAR SETU-is a newly launched mobile application. This application is used to pay taxes online. As you all know, our government is very keen in propagating Digital India. A new mobile App named “AAYKAR SETU” is launched by Finanace Minister Arun Jaitley,which is used to pay taxes online.

The term Aayakar means income tax and Setu means for bridge. Like most government mobile applications, it is free to use and doesn’t throw up annoying ads when using it.


  • AAYKAR SETU is used to pay tax online
  • We can link 12 digit unique Aadhar with PAN
  • It is also used for tracking of tax deducted at source and filing of applications for permanent account numbers (PAN).

This Application reduces the physical interface between assessing officer and assesses,which is tedious and time Consuming Process.Now let us, discuss how to install the application.


AAYKAR SETU is installed in two ways,

  • We can install the App from Google Play Store
  • By giving missed call to 7306525252  

After giving Missed call, we will receive a message containing a link to download AAYKAR SETU App

  • By clicking on the link we can download the App



  • AAYKAR SETU App consists of Various modules like live chat facility, dynamic updates, and important links to various processes within the Income Tax Department in a single module.
  • For filing complaints with the tax department, there is a section called ‘Got a problem’, where users can register their grievances. It also allows users to contact officials in CBDT or Directorate of Income Tax
  • Users can receive timely notifications for important dates and new announcements related to income tax, by registering their mobile number in the app.


Questions taken from the above article:

1.What is the new APP launched by the Finance Minister for paying tax?

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2.Who launched the APP?

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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

3.Who is the ChairPerson of CBDT?

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Sushil Chandra